Jio Users Alert: New Plans & Prices Effective July 3, 2024

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Jio Users Alert: New Plans & Prices Effective July 3, 2024

Reliance Jio Introduce New Plans with a Hike in Prices

If you are Jio users then this news is for you. Reliance Jio has introduced new plans with a hike in prices and it will be effective by Wednesday, 3 July 2024. Along with a substantial hike in its tariffs, Reliance Jio has also introduced new unlimited plans for its users. The effect of hikes in tariff is spread across all plans from daily, monthly to annual. Reliance Jio has shared the details of its new plans along with prices. Scroll down to learn about new plans and pricing structures:


Existing Price (Rs) New Price (Rs) Data Allowance Validity (Days)
₹155 ₹189 2GB 28
₹209  ₹249 1GB/ Day 28
₹239 ₹299 1.5GB/ Day 28
₹299 ₹349 2GB/ Day 28
₹349 ₹399 2.5GB/ Day 28
₹399 ₹499 3GB/ Day 28
₹479 ₹579 1.5GB/ Day 56
₹533 ₹629 2GB/ Day 56
₹395 ₹479 6GB 84
₹666 ₹799 1.5GB/ Day 84
₹719 ₹859 2GB/ Day 84
₹999 ₹1199 3GB/ Day 84
₹1559 ₹1899 24GB 336
₹2999 ₹3599 2.5GB/ Day  365

Apart from these, Reliance Jio has increased the prices of some of the famous prepaid plans and data-on plans.   As per the announcement, users will witness an increase in the existing postpaid plans which will be on the expensive side. Those who currently pay ₹299 for 30GB of data will now pay ₹349 for the billing cycle. Whereas the price of ₹399 plan that provided 75GB of data will be available to use at the price of ₹449. 


New Prices of Data Add-On Plans


Existing Price (Rs) New Price (Rs) Data Allowance
₹15 ₹19 1GB
₹25 ₹29 2GB
₹61 ₹69 6GB


Apart from the increase in the price of Reliance Plans, Reliance Jio also introduced new applications for users which are Jio Translate and JioSafe. Firstly talk about Jio Translate, which is an AI-powered multi-lingual communication app that will be helpful for users to translate voice calls, images, text, and messages into their native language. With the help of this app, one can easily understand the meaning of anything in any language whether it is a text, message or even call. The price of the application is ₹99 per month.

The second newly launched application of Jio is JioSafe, as the name suggests it is a quantum-secure communication app for messaging, calling as well as transferring files. It is India’s only True Secure calling app which lets its users experience absolute security and privacy for calls. The price of this application is ₹199 per month. Both the newly launched applications are free to use for a year for Jio users. After that, you need to pay the mentioned amount to use it again. 

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After announcing the news of the Jio Plan Hike, Chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, Akash M Ambani has talked with the media and shared the reason for it. He said, “The introduction of new plans is a step towards industry innovation and driving sustainable growth through investments in 5G and AI technology. High-quality, affordable internet is essential for Digital India, and Jio is proud to contribute to this vision. We will continue to prioritize our country and customers by investing in India.”

Meanwhile, Bharti Airtel also hiked the tariffs of their plans within a day. This rise will now impact the cost-sensitive market.

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