Jio World Plaza: India’s Largest Luxury Mall, Now Open to Public!

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The wait is finally over for the public who were desperately waiting to get inside the largest luxury mall, “Jio World Plaza ”. This mall has been promoted by Reliance Industries Limited and it has taken the spot of India’s largest luxury mall. This mall is located in the Kurla Complex in Bandra, Mumbai and it is physically linked to the Jio World Garden, Jio World Convention Centre and Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. The inauguration of this mall was on Wednesday, 1st November 2023 which means now it is open to the public and they can visit there from now on. 


Mukesh Ambani’s owned mall is promising to give different shopping experiences like never before. As per Reliance, Jio World Plazas is designed to be the most famous and prominent place for entertainment along with a global shopping experience. Furthermore, during the inauguration of the project, the Director of Reliance, Isha Ambani stated “By introducing Jio World Plaza, Reliance bring the top-notch global brands to our nation and showcases the creative abilities and expertise behind leading Indian brands: our excellence, the novelty we offer, and better customer experience drive all over ventures.” 


One will get everything into this mall from dining to retail sales to entertainment. As we mentioned above, it is designed as an exclusive center for everyone. This plaza is expanded over 7,50,000 square feet at 4 levels, and it has a veritable list of 66 luxury brands. It is worth noting that Mukesh Ambani and her daughter Isha Ambani have brought many luxury fashion brands into the Indian market such as Jimmy Choo, Amiri, Balenciaga, Versace, Hugo Boss, Gas, Giorgio Armani Cafe and so on. All these luxurious brands are now partner brands of Reliance Retail. Furthermore, several other global brands will mark their entry into the Indian market and will be available to shop at Jio World Plaza. 


Besides it, this mall will also have the stores of many famous Indian fashion designers including Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, Manish Malhotra, Ri Ritu Kumar, Rahul Mishra and Falguni Shane Peacock. Furthermore, the first menswear store of Dior will mark its debut at Jio World Plaza, and the mall will also have the new flagship store of Louis Vuitton. Besides it, the plaza will also have a children’s clothing store “Ed-A-Mamma” , a brand designed by Alia Bhatt. Speaking about the design, particularly the architecture of the mall complex, it was designed by getting inspiration from a lotus flower and other elements that are part of nature. 


The design and structure have come to life through the partnership of the Reliance team and TVS. The combination of marble floors, tall vaulted ceilings, and a tasteful use of soft lighting creates a setting that perfectly captures the spirit of luxury. Apart from that, the plaza also offers an array of exclusive services such as VIP concierge, personal shoppers, porter service, and wedding concierge. Because of the outrageous fees charged by the property owner, Reliance Industries, operating within Jio World Plaza is expensive. For example, Dior would pay a hefty Rs 21.56 lakh for a 3,317 sq ft facility, while Louis Vuitton would pay a monthly rent of Rs 40.50 lakh for its property. Additionally, according to media outlets, luxury brands will give Reliance a monthly revenue share of their entire income, with payments ranging from 4% to 12%.

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