LinkedIn’s Latest Update: Play Games on the Platform

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LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social media platforms that people often use to look for a job. It is also a great way to get connected with other professionals in your field. One can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills required to succeed in a career. The developers of this platform often made numerous changes to make it user-friendly and to increase its accessibility. Currently, more than 1 billion people are using this platform to seek jobs as well as for knowledge acquisition. 

To increase user management, the developer of LinkedIn has brought a new feature on this social media platform. With the help of this feature, users will surely spend most of their time here. Now apart from seeking jobs and sharing their thoughts and posts on LinkedIn, the users will be able to play games. Amusing right? Developers have recently added this feature on this platform to enhance engagement and to make more and more people spend their time here. 

According to the reports, LinkedIn will join the league of those platforms who has the feature of gaming in it. As of now Netflix and Apple have the feature of in-app gaming and soon LinkedIn will join it. As per TechCrunch, LinkedIn is working on a new game experience. The developers of the Microsoft-owned platform took inspiration from the puzzle craze that propelled games like viral fame to Wordle. The reports further added that the early prototypes of games called “Crossclimb”, “Queens”, and “Inference”. 

This news has been asserted by the spokesperson of the company who states that the team is currently devoting their time to developing games. However, the official words regarding the launch are not out yet, we need to wait for the official announcement regarding the same. While affirming the news, the spokesperson shared a statement that reads that “We’re playing with adding puzzle-based games within the LinkedIn experience to unlock a bit of fun, deepen relationships, and hopefully spark the opportunity for conversations.” 

Nima Owji, an App researcher further included that LinkedIn came up as an experiment with gaming features. The gaming business of Microsoft- which includes Activision Blizzard and Xbox-registered $7.1 billion in revenues last quarter. The firm finished that acquisition of gaming firm Activision Blizzard in October 2023. In a tweet, Nima Owji shared the news which reads “BREAKING: #LinkedIn is working on IN-APP GAMES! There are going to be a few different games and companies will be ranked in the games based on the scores of their employees!… Pretty cool and fun, in my opinion!” 

Besides, Techcrunch notes that LinkedIn has not unveiled the extent of the involvement of Microsoft in the gaming project. The motive behind adding this feature is to enhance the average spend time of the users on the app and it looks like gaming is the ideal avenue to enter and appeal. No doubt, games are pretty famous across PCs and mobile phones, driving both user engagement and revenues as well. Casual games including Puzzle-based have accumulated widespread appeal among mobile users. 

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