Liu Huanhua Makes History with Two World Records at IWF World Cup 2024

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Liu Huanhua

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Cup 2024 is in full swing. The weightlifter is identified as Liu Huanhua who has represented China in the IWF World Cup. Athletes from all around the world are displaying their hard work, and prowess and setting new records. In this league, one more name has been added who set a new world record and successfully reserved a berth in the ongoing final qualifying event for weightlifting at the Paris Olympics. The weightlifter is identified as Liu Huanhua who has represented China in the IWF World Cup. With his prowess, he not only bagged gold but also created history and set two new world records in the ongoing event at Phuket, Thailand on Monday, April 8 2024.  

The Chinese weightlifter secured his place in the upcoming event for the Paris Olympics 2024 after winning the men’s 102 category on Monday. Huanhua’s 232 kilograms clean and jerk and 413 kilograms total are both the inaugural world records, a lifetime best international performance for China’s gold-medal bet at the forthcoming Olympic event. This notable achievement happened at the IWF World Cup 2024 which was the final chance to qualify for the upcoming Paris Olympics and Liu Huanhua has made his winning a memorable event in the history of the IWF World Cup. The IWF World Cup 2024 started on Sunday, March 31 and will conclude on Thursday, April 11. 

Several weightlifters have already qualified for the upcoming Olympics with their winning in this event. Now, Liu Huanhua has also joined this league and is all set to display his performance in the next event. His startling performance is making rounds on social media where people are congratulating him for his winning and for making two world records. Liu is overwhelmed with his performance and super excited for his next event. During a media interaction, he expressed his feelings and said, “I performed my best and even went beyond my training level, achieving my goal to set new world records in the clean and jerk and total.”

Liu Huanhua is looking forward to setting another record in the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024 and is positive about bagging a gold and being the first to win an Olympic gold medal in the 100+ category.  

He said, “China has not won an Olympic gold medal in the 100 plus-kg category. I hope that I can live up to our predecessor’s attempts and become the first Chinese weightlifter to win an Olympic gold medal in this category.”

In the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021, China bagged a total of 7 gold medals and 1 silver. Now the country is looking to bag more medals and set new records.

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Bahrain’s Lesman Paredes Secured 4th Place

After elbow surgery, Lesman Paredes successfully returned to this event and secured 4th place. The Bahrain weightlifter lifted 186-212-398 improving his best total by 1 kg. Talking about surgery, Paredes said, “I had two elbow surgeries last year, in March and July, so this was a good comeback especially as I didn’t want to take any risks before Paris.”

The IWF World Cup held in Phuket, Thailand runs until Thursday, as China registered 15 select lifters in ten events to warm up for the forthcoming events.

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