Enjoying Work At Office: Microsoft’s Idea of an Ideal Work Life Balance

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Microsoft’s Idea of an Ideal Work-Life Balance

Microsoft’s Employee Reveals Ideal Work Life Balance in Viral Reel

Of course, work is important, but having a positive work-life balance is a necessity. A place that offers cordial surroundings to keep you motivated during working hours adds more value to your potential. 

What was the reel about?

Two days ago, a reel went viral on Instagram depicting the work ecosystem of Microsoft Hyderabad’s office campus. The reel showed several Microsoft employees praising the various perks that they enjoy while working with the company. These include a beautiful office campus, vending machines for free snacks, nap rooms, Microsoft work t-shirts, and the facility to work from home anytime. 

The video has garnered the attention of many people who were left with nothing but praise for the corporation. Microsoft too approved the video later, in quite a unique way. Garnering people’s attention worldwide, the reel has received millions of likes in just two days. 

The Microsoft campus of Hyderabad is spread across 54 acres, surrounded by surreal and breathtaking views where employees can rejuvenate themselves. Besides, the company’s campus also provides amenities such as world-class, eco-friendly infrastructure, a 24-hour multi-cuisine cafeteria, casual meeting setups on each floor, and easy-to-access hot-filter coffee. Also, the office has a well-stocked gym, readily available ambulance services, and a pharmacy. But the offerings do not stop here, an outdoor amphitheater and air-conditioned bus services with internet are also a part of the amenities. 

The viral Instagram reel featured Microsoft employees who shared a sneak peek into the work environment that the company provides. The video was captioned as “Of course we work at Microsoft. Please comment the things that you can relate working in Microsoft. Special thanks to everyone who are a part of this amazing reel.”

Nurturing Work-life balance

Not only Microsoft, but many organizations and multinational corporations have adopted the work-life balance ethics as their routine. In recent years, this concept has gained notable significance. As a result, companies have introduced several in-house activities, leave benefits, and fostered changes to maintain the sanity of their employees. 

Maintaining a positive workforce by making amendments

At the center of a company’s operations are its employees. Microsoft recognizes the efforts that its workforce puts into attaining fruitful results. And in return, employees benefit from a plethora of perks, whether in monetary terms or non-monetary. Some perks and benefits may vary across different branches, and these are not just rewards for individual performances but to ensure that the personnel is leading a healthy life too. 

This social media reel has once again steered the importance of a healthy equation between work and life. That one should not hamper his or her health for the sake of work. It has also laid an example for other companies to introduce necessary measures to foster a friendly and interactive work ecosystem for people working there. 

To start with, companies can invite employees to ask for suggestions for betterment. These can include changes that the staff wishes to see in their surroundings, and necessary amendments that need to be made. This way both the owners as well as employees can function to the best of their abilities amidst work pressures and stress.

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