Enhance Gaming Graphics with Microsoft’s DirectSR Image Upscaling Technology

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Enhance Gaming Graphics with Microsoft's DirectSR Image Upscaling Technology

The team of Microsoft is constantly working on advancing technology and bringing new products to the market. This time, the tech giant has worked on enhancing gaming graphics for gaming developers. According to the reports, Microsoft has launched a new App Programming Interface (API) for PC game creators working on Windows. The work of the new API to enhance the gaming graphics and surely bring revolution to the gaming world. The new Windows API is named DirectSR. The new Windows API will enable game developers to seamlessly combine AI-enabled super-resolution upscaling features from Intel, Nvidia, and AMD. 

When Will Microsoft’s DirectSR API Available To Use

As per Microsoft, their new product, DirectSR will be available in the market through a preview version of the Agility Software Development Kit (SDK). The reports state that the product is expected to launch at the forthcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) which will be held from Monday 18 March 2024 to Saturday, 23 March 2024 where game developers can learn about its usage. The additional report from a media outlet stated that the game developers can expect deep knowledge of the new product of Microsoft during a dedicated session of GDC that is supposed to be conducted on Thursday, 21 March 2024. Apart from Microsoft, many other representatives will be part of this event including AMD, and Nvidia. 

Techniques Used In DirectSR and How Will It Be Helpful For Game Developers

The news of the new API DirectSR has been shared by Microsoft in a blog post where Joshua Tucker, the program manager of the tech giant explains how the new product of Microsoft works and how it will be helpful for developers. As per Tucker, the new DirectSR API is working like a “missing link” or acts as a bridge between games and super-resolution technologies. The program manager added in the blog post that the new API should provide “a smoother, more efficient experience that scales across hardware.”

The blog post further mentioned that “This API enables multi-vendor SR (super-resolution) through a common set of inputs and outputs, allowing a single code path to activate a variety of solutions including Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, and Intel XeSS.”

How Exactly does DirectSR work

As per Microsoft, with the help of DirectSR API, the game developers would not have to write codes for each upscaling technology. This latest Application Programming Interface (API) offers a unified approach and will aid game creators in activating numerous super-resolution solutions from various chipmakers. DirectSR is expected to abridge game development and may even improve game compatibility with various hardware. The announcement of Microsoft came after the discovery of an “Automatic Super Resolution” feature in a Windows 11 test build.  

Moreover, these clues of AI-powered upscaling abilities are supposed to come from the famous PC operating system. Nevertheless, instead of creating its alternative, the tech giant may leverage existing solutions like DLSS of Nvidia, FSR of AMD, XeSS of Intel for its new Microsoft product. Apart from it, Vice Chair and President Brad Smith has declared that the firm will diversify its AI and cloud infrastructure in Spain through an investment of $2.1 billion by 2026.

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