Millions Search Why Do My Eyes Hurt Soon After Total Solar Eclipse

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Millions Search "Why Do My Eyes Hurt?" Soon After Total Solar Eclipse

People Search Why Do My Eyes Hurt After Solar Eclipse

The first celestial event of this year occurred on Monday, April 8. However, the effects of this event are still a concerning matter among people and they are searching about it on search giants even after “Total Solar Eclipse”. According to multiple reports, queries or searches regarding “Why do my eyes hurt”, “my eyes hurt” and “hurt eyes” are trending on social media and appearing at the top of Google searches which turned into a debatable subject among netizens. People are looking to know why their eyes are hurting even after wearing the glasses that were designed for solar eclipse sightings and how long the effect will last. 

Some want to get rid of the pain without consulting a doctor and some are getting curious to know more about it. All these reasons are bringing these queries to the list of Google searches; it is presently one of the top searches of Google. It is worth noting that on Monday, April 8 2024, some parts of the world witnessed a total solar eclipse across North America and Mexico. Soon after that queries searched on Google as millions witnessed the celestial event. The report states that an estimated 31.6 million people were in the way of the totality of the rare solar eclipse. 

Where Was the Total Eclipse Visible And What So Special About It?

The rare celestial phenomenon was visible in the United States of Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Oklahoma, New York, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Maine. It was also seen in the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Newfoundland of Canada. This event was rare and could only be visible in specific areas for a short period. The reason behind calling this celestial event rare is that people will now be able to watch the next Total Solar Eclipse after 20 years.

When Will Be The Next Total Solar Eclipse?

That means it will be seen probably in August 2044 and this was the main reason that made people excited about it. Millions of people witnessed it and are now facing the consequences of it in the form of eye pain.

The guidelines regarding the same were delivered and despite following it, it affected the eyes of millions of people which ultimately made them search for it on Google. The searches related to this event brought a flood of questions on Google. The surge in searches is pointing out that many people did not dutifully wear their glasses that were made to see the eclipse in more detail along with protection. However, Many people think that their protective glasses are fake and some believe that they forgot to wear them at all before looking at the sky. Other related searches are “Can the eclipse hurt your eyes”, and “Eyes hurt after looking at the eclipse”. 

How Can The Solar Eclipse Hurt Eyes?

It is widely known that watching an eclipse with the naked eye can lead to damage and affect the retina, commonly known as retinal blindness or solar retinopathy. As per the Adler Planetarium, Looking directly at the sun without wearing safety eyewear can cause irreversible eye damage within seconds. The pain of seeing the sun with naked eyes is not instant. However, Skywatchers may not instantly get affected due to directly observing a solar eclipse without taking enough protection.

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