Mumbai Police Detain Hardik Pandya’s Stepbrother on Duping Charges

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Hardik Pandya's Stepbrother

In the chaos of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024, the arrest news of the cricketer’s stepbrother lured the attention of cricket lovers. According to multiple reports, the Mumbai Police have detained Hardik Pandya’s stepbrother on the duping charges. Vaibhav Pandya is alleged to have duped the all-rounder and his brother Krunal of approximately Rs 4.25 crore. This news is trending on social media and the fans of Hardik Pandya are furious over it and want to know each detail of this news. What exactly has happened and how he wired the money to his account? 

How Things Got Changed Which Brought Vaibhav In Deep Water? 

All these queries have been trending on the search giant and people are looking to know the answer to it. In 2021, the Pandya brothers along with Vaibhav laid the foundation of a polymer business company. Since its inception, Vaibhav was assigned as an operation manager and looked after the daily operations. As per the terms of the partnership, the cricketer and his brother infuse 40% of the capital each whereas Vaibhav would chip in with 20% along with the position of operation manager. Things were going well and the profit was distributed in the same ratio. 

Things got bitter when the stepbrother of Vaibhav began another firm dealing in the same trade without informing both his brothers which was a violation of the partnership agreement. The official who is looking into the matter said, “Around this time, profits of the original partnership dropped, causing a loss of Rs 3 crore. The stepbrother secretly increased his profit from 20% to 33.3% causing loss to the cricketer and his brother.” 

The officer further revealed that “Vaibhav allegedly diverted money from the LLP (limited liability partnership) firm to his firm, which led to a drop in the partnership firm’s profit. Besides, over his due share Vaibhav also allegedly fraudulently increased his profit percentage in the LLP firm without letting the two brothers know. For this, he allegedly forged signatures of the Pandya brothers on an LLP agreement.” 

After watching the constant drop in profit, Krunal Pandya and an Indian Cricketer felt something fishy was going on. Soon after, they discovered the conspiracy of Vaibhav and how he was financially deceiving them and causing trouble in their firm. Both brothers confronted him and threatened him with dire consequences.

Vaibhav Pandya Arrested On Duping Charges 

 Later on, both registered a police complaint against Vaibhav and now he is facing charges of cheating. The Economic Offence Wing of Mumbai Police has detained him on the charges of criminal breach of trust, criminal intimidation, forgery, criminal conspiracy and other relevant sections come under dupe charges. Vaibhav Pandya diverted around Rs 4 crore from the partnership firm and wired it to his account. The complaint against the stepbrother was registered on Monday, April 8, by the accountant of the cricketer at the Khar Police station. The complaint was registered on the grounds of cheating and causing financial problems in the partnership firm. 

The EOW of Mumbai police detained Vaibhav on Monday, April 8. He was presented in a local court which sent him to police custody till Friday, April 12. The investigators have been looking for those who are allegedly involved in the crime with Vaibhav as they believe that more people are involved in this.  The officer said, the investigation is going on and more arrests would likely take place.

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