New Truck Movement Schedule on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road to Ease Traffic

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Traffic congestion is the biggest issue commuters face daily and causes socio-economic effects. To tackle this situation and reduce traffic congestion, traffic authorities have taken many measures in different cities and countries. Similarly, Dubai Police General Headquarters and the Roads and Dubai’s Transport Authority (RTA) are joining forces to enhance traffic flow and safety on “Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road”. It is worth noting that it is one of the busiest highways in Dubai and is known for causing huge traffic congestion daily.

Joint Effort Of Dubai’s Roads And Transport Authority And Dubai Police General Headquarters To Ensure Smooth Traffic Flow 

 Most of the time, the traffic jams are caused by the movement of trucks on this road and in this regard RTA and DPGHs decided to tackle the situation by changing the timings for it. In a recent announcement, RTA and DPGHs stated that to make a smooth traffic flow and safety of commuters the timings for truck movement have been changed on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. The new timings will come into effect from 28th April 2024 and implemented to a section of the road extending from Ras AI Khor Road to Sharjah in both directions at the time of peak traffic hours. 

RTA has shared a notification regarding it which states that the decision to change the timings of the truck movement is facilitated to alleviate congestion during peak traffic hours and to enhance overall road efficiency. 

As per the new schedule, the movements of the truck will be bounded at the time of particular periods throughout the day. 

Timings For Truck Movement:

The schedule has been shared by RTI which is as follows: 

Morning Restrictions: From 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM, trucks are not allowed to drive on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

Afternoon Restrictions: There will be 2 different periods set aside for truck movement limitations. The timings of the first period will be 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM and the second period will start from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

RTA Highlights Importance of Time Change for Truck Movement

The notification has been shared through a tweet on X (Formerly Twitter) by RTA which reads, “#RTA and Dubai Police General Headquarters announced changes to the timings for truck movement on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. The adjustment of timing applies to a section of the road extending from Ras AI Khor Road to Sharjah in both directions during peak traffic hours as of 28th April 2024.” 

“The new schedule restricts truck movement in the morning from 06:30 AM to 08:30 AM, and in two periods in the afternoon: the first from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, and a second evening period from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM,” further added. 

In another tweet shared by Hussein AI Banna, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA talked about the need for time changing for truck movement. His tweet reads, “The decision to change truck traffic timings on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road during peak hours was made in coordination with Dubai Police General HQ, following recent in-depth studies indicating the critical need for such adjustments. The aim of this decision was to enhance the smoothness of traffic flow on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, ensuring a more even distribution of truck movements across alternative routes during peak times. This strategic redistribution is anticipated to decrease traffic congestion on the road by up to 15% during these periods.” 

RTA and Dubai Police will share the new schedules through press releases, informative signs, and social media, requesting compliance from transport companies and truck drivers. It is also suggested that take alternative routes at the time of restricted times imposed for commuting. 

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