PM Modi’s Third Term: BJP Triumphs with 240 Seats in Lok Sabha Elections 2024

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PM Modi's Third Term: BJP Triumphs with 240 Seats in Lok Sabha Elections 2024

PM Modi’s Third Term: BJP Triumphs with 240 Seats

The results of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 are finally out. And once again the Bharatiya Janata Party won the election by securing 240 seats. As expected, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be joining the league of late former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and is all set to become Prime Minister for the third time. The election results were quite interesting as the Indian National Congress won 99 seats in this election which is quite unexpected. 

Speaking of the victory of PM Modi, he will take a vow for a third time on Saturday, 8 June 2024. With this win, he became the first (and only) three-term leader of India since Congress’s stalwart Nehru. PM Modi has submitted his resignation to President Draupadi Murmu after visiting Rashtrapati Bhavan and that of his cabinet. However, he requested to continue fulfilling his responsibility till the swearing-in. President Murmur has accepted his resignation and congratulated him for his victory. 

The Bharatiya Janata Party of Mr Modi had earlier secured 82 seats in 2014 and in the 2019 election, the party secured 303 seats. But this time, the BJP has won 240 seats. It will now rely on the 53 seats secured by members of the party-led National Democratic Alliance to seal a third term. Despite not winning many seats in Uttar Pradesh, Mr Modi has again secured his Lok Sabha seat in Varanasi and defeated Ajay Rai who was elected from Congress. Mr Modi received 1.5 lakh votes and became a Member of Parliament for the third consecutive time in the temple town. 

As per NDTV, Mr Modi has last evening confirmed the NDA would stake claim to form the government for a third time by calling the election results a “victory of the world’s largest democracy”. 

It is worth noting that the BJP had set the target to secure 370 seats (400+ including NDA partners) the results were quite unexpected and the seats were pegged back by the Congress who won seats with the alliance that led INDIA bloc. After an incredible showing that saw it shatter the BJP’s lead in several states and defy exit pollsters, the opposition now holds 232 seats. However, BJP had enough in its tank to compete as the single-largest party yet again and the credit goes to the results from Odisha where BJP has won 20 seats out of 21. In Andhra Pradesh, the single-largest party has secured 21 seats out of 25, Bihar (30 of 40), and in Madhya Pradesh BJP has won a full 29 seats. These winnings offset the losses the party get in other states. 

Moreover, the BJP also made a breakthrough in Kerala to secure its first ever Lok Sabha seat in the southern state. The results in Kerala and Andhra, along with the BJP’s double to eight-seat tally in Telangana, indicate a turnaround from the party’s previous struggles in the south. However, in Tamil Nadu, BJP has again lost the election for the second time without getting any single seat. The ruling DMK and INDIA bloc allies bagged all 39 seats in the state. 

The Prime Minister addressed the party in Delhi HQ on Tuesday and said that the citizens of India had “placed their faith” in the NDA for a third time. He said, “I bow to the people for this affection and assure them we will continue the good work done in the last 10 years to keep fulfilling aspirations.”

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