Pune Police Detains Father of Teen in Fatal Car Accident Case

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Pune Police Detains Father of Teen in Fatal Car Accident Case

Pune Porsche Fatal Car Accident

A fatal car accident happened on Pune road which took the lives of two people. While investigating the matter, Pune Police from Maharashtra’s Aurangabad have detained the father of a teen whose involvement has been found in the lethal accident. Other people involved in this case have also been detained and identified as the owners of bars. According to the reports, the owners of the couple bars had served the alcohol to a teen who killed the two people in a drunk & drive case. 

This case has shed light on the serving of alcohol to teens as well as the leniency of parents who permit their teen children to drive or ride despite knowing that they are underage. Speaking of the case, as of now three to four arrests have been made so far and the investigation is still ongoing. The reports state that the lethal incident happened in the early hours of Sunday morning in the Kalyani Nagar area of Pune. The report states that a 17-years-old teen was driving a luxury Porsche under the influence which ultimately resulted in the death of two people. 

The luxury sports car brutally collided with a motorcycle and two people instantly perished. The deceased are identified as Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta. The lethal incident was recorded in a CCTV camera which unfolded the entire case in front of the police. This CCTV footage was posted online which disclosed that the car was traveling at an estimated speed of 200km h in a narrow lane. The video of the fatal car accident has gone viral on social media platforms. Netizens are expressing their grief over the demise of the innocent victims and sending their condolences to their families. 

The report states that the case has been transferred to the crime branch of Pune Police. The case is in the session court and the investigating team and grieving families are awaiting a decision from the court. Meanwhile, Pune Police has arrested the father of the 17-years-old accused and booked him under sections 75 and 77 of the Juvenile Justice Act. Noteworthy, these sections pertain to willful neglect of a child and providing intoxicating substances to a minor, respectively. According to the reports, the incident happened at around 02:15 AM, when both the IT engineers were coming from a get-together. During the investigation, it came to know that the teen driver was under the influence and hit the bike from behind. 

Porsche was at full speed and hit the bike from the backside. As per Amitesh Kumar, the Commissioner of Pune Police, the teen behind the wheels of the car had been commemorating his class 12 results at a local pub, where he was spotted consuming alcohol before the fatal incident. As mentioned above, not only the father of the teen but the owners of a couple of bars are also detained for serving alcohol to teens. It is worth noting that the drinking age in Maharashtra is 25 and the accused is 17-years-old which means it was illegal to serve alcohol to him. Serious charges have been slapped on the bar owners alongside the father. 

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Moreover, the Pune Municipal Corporation and city police are planning to start taking serious action against bars, pubs and restaurants that are running their operation beyond the permissible time limit. The two bars are already under investigation and managers of both pubs have been sent behind the bars. Besides, the accused teen mentioned in his statement that his father was fully aware that he left the house to celebrate his 12th results in a bar and that he could consume alcohol despite knowing these facts, he permitted him to drink and drive a car. This means his father is equally responsible in this case and he has been interrogated regarding the same before being detained from Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar on Tuesday, May 21 2024.

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