Quidich Innovation Labs Expands to Goa, Setting Up Office in Merces

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Quidich Innovation Labs Expands to Goa, Setting Up Office in Merces

Quidich Innovation Labs Expands to Goa

Goa is a vacation spot to spend your holidays due to its pristine beaches and places of worship. The active nightlife, World Heritage-listed architecture, white-sand beaches and places of worship make it the most visited state among international and domestic tourists. Apart from being a tourist destination, Goa is famous for having top Pharmaceutical and bio-technology industries. Now one more company is all set to lay its foundation in Goa. The report states that the popular Sports tech company Quidich Innovation Labs is all set to establish its shop in Goa. Quidich earlier provided its augmented reality services to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 and the IPL

After successfully running offices in Dubai, London, and Mumbai, Quidich has set up an office in Merces, Goa and recruited 30 employees who will take care of the business of the sports tech firm. What types of services does Quidich provide to its clients, well the sports tech firm provides its special camera services and drone-based sports coverage with the help of augmented reality and real-time player tracking. Before opening the Innovation Lab in Goa, Quidich had only one office in India which was established in Mumbai. That means the second lab of Quidich in India is in Goa. 

In a talk with a media outlet, Co-founder of Quidich Innovation Labs, Rahat Kulshreshtha said, “Quidich expanded by launching our Innovation Labs in May. Our Goa Innovation Lab aims to not only develop cutting-edge technologies to enhance fan engagement but also to create new job opportunities for the future. We are proud to have talents from Goa on our team and look forward to continued growth.” 

In answer to why Quidich decided to run their operation from Goa, Kulshreshtha said one of the main reasons behind setting up the office in Goa was because of the ability of the state to foster creativity and innovation. He added that the IT department provided “robust support” to make it possible to smoothly expand the business in Goa. 

Rohan Khaunte, Minister for Information Technology, Electronics and Communications visited Quidich Innovation Lab at Merces where he talked about the growth of the sports firm in India and ways to make Goa as a top destination for innovation. Khaunte said, “We introduced the ‘Drone Policy 2022’ to foster a flourishing drone ecosystem promoting and incentivising drone design, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance along with training, thus making Goa a drone manufacturing hub. Our focus is on leveraging Goa’s unique environment to maximise the potential of drones in various sectors, ultimately driving significant economic growth and development in our state.” 

Speaking of the success of Quidich, over the last 4 years, the sports firm has appeared at the forefront of creating innovative technologies to improve and enhance storytelling in production. So far, the leading sports firm has delivered exceptional services to sports broadcasters, film productions and general entertainment channels globally. Moreover, Quidich owns the title of the first firm in the world to offer broadcast-grade augmented reality on a drone. 

Kulshreshtha emphasized their collaborative nature, which aligns well with the department’s goal of turning Goa into an inventive hub and the philosophy of the Quidich Innovation Lab.

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