Rajasthan Mine Collapse: 8 Officials Rescued, 7 Still Trapped

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In the latest development of “Rajasthan Mine Collapse”, After running long hours of rescue operations, police and an NDRF team successfully rescued 3 people on Wednesday, 15 May 2024. The lethal incident occurred in the Kolihan mine of Rajasthan’s Neem ka Thana district where 15 officials of Hindustan Copper Limited were stuck inside a mine when a lift collapsed on Tuesday night, May 14. The latest reports state that the number of rescue officials has increased from three to eight and the efforts to rescue the remaining seven are ongoing. Police and the rescue team are trying to evacuate all the officials trapped inside the mine. 

What Is The Exact Incident of “Rajasthan Mine Collapse”?

On Tuesday, the 15 officials of HCL, a public-sector undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Mines got stuck inside a mine when the rope of the ‘cage’ carrying them in the vertical shaft snapped. As per the reports, the incident led to the ‘cage’ carrying them to fall. The reports further included that the trapped personnel included officials from the vigilance team and senior officials of the firm. The unfortunate incident occurred during the inspection. These officials visited the mine to inspect it and when they were coming out the lift snapped in the middle and they fell inside the mine. 

The officials who were trapped inside the mine have been identified as Karan Gehlot, Upendra Pandey, Arnav Bhandari, Banedu Bhandari, Vikas Pareek, GD Gupta, Niranjan Sahoo, Vinod Singh Shekhawat, Bhagirath, AK Sharma, Pritam Singh, Ramesh Narayan Singh, Hans Ram, and Yashraj Meena. As of now eight have been rescued and the efforts of the remaining are taking place. It took more than 12 hours to rescue all the rescued officials and they were sent to the hospital for a medical check-up. 

Bhanwar Lal, station house officer of the local Khetri police station states “A vigilance team from Kolkata had gone inside the mines for an inspection. The accident took place when they were coming up around 8 PM by a lift and one of its chains snapped, causing a major collapse. All 15 people got stuck at a depth of nearly 700m.” 

In the first round of rescue operations, 3 trapped personnel were rescued earlier in the day. In the second round, five trapped personnel were rescued. Sharad Mehra, Neem ka Thana District Magistrate informed the media that the 8 officials would also be saved in around 2 hours. Along with the rescue operation team, a medical team was also presented at the incident place, Dr Mahendra Singh, part of the medical team stated that all the rescued personnel had fractures and other injuries and due to that they had been sent to the hospital. 

The rescue team has supplied emergency medicines and food to the victims. Lal states “No casualties have been reported so far. All the emergency preparations, including ambulances, have been stationed for additional support. The rescue team is trying to move the lift manually to rescue the trapped people.”

After learning about the incident, BJP MLA Dharampal Gurjar also reached the spot and said during an interview with a media outlet, “I had gone to Haryana for the election campaign but when I got this information, I immediately came here. I called everyone and took stock of the entire situation. I have called the SDM here. The rescue team is engaged, and 6-7 ambulances are standing here. The entire administration is on alert. There is no report of any casualty so far, definitely, everyone will come out safely.” 

Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) began the mines in 1972 in the Kolihan area. These mines are considered as one of the deepest in Rajasthan. 

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