Rajkummar Rao Appointed National Icon by Election Commission

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The fans of Rajkummar Rao sent their love and congratulatory messages to him for his new achievement. The Election Commission has appointed the protagonist of the Hindi film “Newton” as a National Icon. The idea behind appointing prominent Indians as national icons is to encourage voters to show their enthusiasm in elections and also to cast their votes. By keeping this aim in mind, the Election Commission (EC) appointed Rao as a National Icon on Thursday, 26th October 2023. This appointment has been made in the context of encouraging voters. Scroll down to know more. 


The decision to appoint Rajkummar Rao as the National Icon came ahead of assembly elections that will be held in 5 states. The formal ceremony of the appointment was already conducted on Thursday. The poll panel including Rajiv Kumar, Chief Election Commissioner and Arun Goel and Anup Chandra Pandy, Election Commissioners exchanged a memorandum of understanding with Rajkummar Rao designating him as an EC icon. It is worth noting that the portrayal of Rao as a protagonist in “Newton” played a crucial role in making him the National Icon of the Election Commission. 


In this film, Rao plays the role of a government clerk who is determined to organise a free-and-fair election in areas of Chhattisgarh where Naxal was activated. This film triumphed the National Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi. Not only this but the film “Newton” was also listed in the list of “Best Foreign Language Film” at the Oscars formally called “Academy Awards”. Before Rajkummar Rao, there were many celebrities from sports and entertainment sectors who became the national icons of EC such as M C Mary Kom, Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan, M S Dhoni, Pankaj Tripathi. 


Besides, the Election Commission of India made an announcement earlier this month in which the poll body states that more than 162 million people in 5 states across the nation will cast their vote in assembly elections that will be held next month. The poll body states that the assembly elections in Mizoram will be held on Tuesday, 7th November 2023. In Chattisgarh, the election will be conducted in 2 phases, the first phase will be on Tuesday 7th November 2023 and the second phase will be on Friday, 17th November 2023. 


Voters in Telangana and Madhya Pradesh will be casting their votes on two different days, Madhya Pradesh will be on Friday, 17th November 2023 and in Telangana, it will be on Thursday, 30th November 2023. The previous date for the election in Rajasthan was scheduled to be on Thursday, 23rd November 2023 but now people will go to the polls on Saturday, 25th November 2023. After completing the entire voting session, the counting of the votes will be on Sunday, 3rd November 2023.Additionally, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar stated that these states’ polls are particularly important since they will serve as the last assembly elections prior to the national elections in 2024. For more such news, stay tuned with our websites and continue to read our other articles.

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