Reliance Retail’s 30-Minute Delivery Model: A Game-Changer in Quick Commerce

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Reliance Retail's 30-Minute Delivery Model: A Game-Changer in Quick Commerce

Reliance Retail’s 30-Minute Delivery Model

The market of quick commerce has widely increased and several companies are launching their quick commerce platform to be in trend. Zomato, Swiggy, Blinkit, and Zeepto are some examples of quick commerce that brought a revolutionary change in this market. Now, Jio Mart has decided to re-enter in this market, however, the approach of Reliance Retail is different from other quick platforms. As per several reports, Jio Mart, an e-marketplace is all set to launch quick commerce in the Indian market.

The aim behind the new strategy of Reliance Retail is to provide wider choices to the customers while keeping growth in mind. Jio Mart is also looking forward to enhancing their business with the help of this approach. However, there is a twist in the new approach of Reliance Retail. Unlike other existing quick delivery platforms, The Retail Arm of Reliance Industries will not follow a pattern of “10-minute” delivery mode. Instead, the largest retailer in the country is planning to launch a 30-minute delivery model with a wider assortment. 

As per the report of a media outlet, Reliance Retail has created an inter-departmental team with the vision of re-entry into quick commerce. Damodar Mall, the chief executive for the grocery business of Reliance Retail and Sandeep Varaganti, the Chief executive of JioMar and a senior team will be working together in order to expand more categories. It is worth noting that it is the second time that Reliance Retail has decided to try their hands. India’s largest retailer has earlier entered the grocery delivery space in 2020.

Reliance Retail along with Jio Mart began delivery services during the Covid-19 pandemic, however at that time the approach of Reliance Retail was similar to Flipkart and Amazon and it followed a similar model and never tried the hands into “quick delivery or same-day delivery” model just liked Swiggy Instamart, Blinkit or others are following. Finally, Reliance Retail decided to re-enter into quick commerce but this time the company is not planning to follow the “10-minute” delivery model of existing quick delivery services, instead of that the company is creating a model of “30-minute” delivery model with a wider array than existing quick commerce ventures which will be fed by the own stores of Reliance and the almost 20 lakh Kiranas who source products from the company. 

The report further added that two executives are already working on it and are aware of the plans of Reliance Retail.  The Kranas are part of the JioMart Partner initiative whereby they source products from the wholesome arm of Reliance Retail and have their blackened connections. Unlike Blinkit, Zepto and other quick delivery platforms, Reliance Retail is not establishing dark stores or warehouses in each locality to strictly follow an under-ten-minute delivery model, the Retail arm of Reliance Industry will allegedly be using tech platforms such as FYND and Locus to smoothly run the business and process to optimize delivery routes to make sure the customers’ order will reach under 30 minutes. 

Initially, Reliance Retail will start a new quick commerce venture with the selling of groceries. However, to understand the market, the company will add quick delivery of electronics and apparel by leveraging the 19,000-plus store network of Reliance Retail. One of the executives allegedly states that the decision to introduce a 30-minute delivery service was made after analyzing the results of consumer behavior conducted by the company. The research report shows consumers are willing to wait for most products for more than 10 minutes so why should we not deliver products within 30 minutes? 

The executive said, “The value for consumers in Reliance’s quick commerce will be on the winder assortment and deals. Moreover, Reliance’s venture will be expanded pan-India and not just the top 8-10 cities which current quick commerce companies focus on.” 

The new quick commerce venture of Reliance will begin next month in 8 cities such as Pune, Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai. The company has decided the name of the project as “JioMart Express”. This project will be integrated in the app of JioMart.

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