Salman Khan’s Father Calls Gunmen ‘Jaahil’ in Furious Media Interaction

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Salman Khan’s Father Calls Gunmen 'Jaahil' in Furious Media Interaction

Salman Khan’s Father Calls Gunmen Jaahil 

The fans of a famous Bollywood superstar are furious after learning the attack news. However, the actor is unharmed in this attack but his fans want to know whose hands are behind it. In earlier reports, it came to know that, the attackers did recce before firing, which happened outside the Galaxy apartment where actor Salman Khan resides. In the initial report, police suggested that the attack had been planned by gangsters living in the United States. A day after the firing, a notorious gangster took responsibility for it. 

According to the reports, the notorious gangster is identified as Anmol Bishoni who is the brother of Delhi-based gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. The report has been lodged on Monday and the investigation regarding the same has started. As per official sources, “We have mounted technical and physical surveillance to get a lead regarding the accused. The CCTV footage has been recovered by the police and states that two shooters have been captured in the footage and out of these, one has been identified as Vishal aka Rahul, a resident of Gurugram. Six cases have been already committed on Vishal including murder in Delhi and Haryana. 

The police further revealed that the suspected gunman had recently been involved in the murder of a bookie in Rohtak at the behest of an imprisoned gangster. In the latest development of this news, the father of Salman Khan has expressed his anger over the firing at the Mumbai residence of his family. During an interview with a media outlet, Salim Khan, the veteran screenwriter called the gunmen “Jaahil (illiterate). The renowned screenwriter is furious at those who threaten and attack his son Salman Khan. During the media interaction he called them “Jaahil ” and also informed that Eknath Shinde, the Chied Minister of Maharashtra has taken action over the protection of his son and provided extra police protection to not only Salman but to the whole Khan family. 

Besides that, people are waiting for the reaction of Salman Khan over the attack. As of now, Salim has expressed his anger over it and said, “What’s there to talk about; These illiterate people say you will learn your lesson when we will kill you.” He further added, “We have been given extra police protection. They have assured protection for us and our friends. If they have arrested two suspects today, that means they are on it.” 

After receiving the extra protection, Salman has decided to continue his work to meet his deadline. He further included in his statement that the matter is now in the hands of police and they are investigating it, hence they have been advised to avoid talking about the incident in public. 

What Has Been Recovered In CCTV Footage At The Khan Residence?

According to the details received from the Mumbai Crime Branch, after the shooting happened, the two suspects parked a bike about 100 metres away from the residence of Salman at Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, Mumbai. After taking the responsibility of the shooting incident, the police have started an investigation against Anmol in connection with the firing case outside Galaxy apartment. The police state that the firing occurred on a social media platform and used menacing language.

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