Slovak PM Robert Fico Targeted in Assassination Attack

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Slovak PM Robert Fico Targeted in Assassination Attack

The Prime Minister of Slovak is currently all over the news due to an assassination attack. This attack news has raised questions about the safety policy or measures taken in a country to ensure the safety of citizens as well as influential leaders. Most people are also worried for the Slovak PM and want to know if he sustained any kind of injury and how he is doing at the moment. Apart from that, some are keen to know more about him and all the details related to this attack. According to the reports, the assassination attack on Slovak PM, Robert Fico happened on Wednesday, 15 May 2024. 

The attack occurred when he was coming from a cabinet meeting that was happening in the central town of Handlova. It is worth noting that the former Communist Party member became the Prime Minister for the fourth time in October 2023. After coming into power, he turned the foreign policy of the country towards more pro-Russian views. He always remained to be in the news due to his controversial comments. Even at present, he has drawn worldwide attention due to a series of inflammatory comments he made on Ukraine, which is currently facing a war issue with Russia. 

PM Roberto Fico called Kyiv to cede territory to Moscow to end the war-something Ukraine has repeatedly ruled out. 

Who Is The Prime Minister Robert Fico?

To remain in the news is not new for Robert Fico as he always creates controversy due to his inflammatory comments but this time the matter is different as it concerns his safety. However, this attack made him a debatable topic on social media and people want to know more about him. As per Wikipedia, the 59-year-old, PM Robert Fico was born on 15 September 1964. He exchanged marriage vows with Svetlana Ficova who is a lawyer by profession. Both are blessed with a son named Michal. However, the reports state that they have already parted ways. 

Speaking of his liking, he loves to wear expensive watches and likely spends his free time watching football and driving fast cars. Besides, in 2018 he was forced to step down from his position following a probe into the murder of a journalist. This murder exposed high-level corruption and sparked anti-government sentiment. However, he came back to power soon after. He sparked mass protests with controversial changes, including a media law that critics state will undermine the impartiality of public television and radio. 

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An Assassination Attack Made On Slovak Prime Minister

On Wednesday, a round of fire happened on the PM Robert Fico soon after a cabinet meeting concluded. He was shot and due to that, he was instantly admitted to the hospital. The videos and visuals of the aftermath of the attack are circulating on social media. In one such visual, the bodyguards of PM Robert Fico were seen taking him inside an armoured limousine. The news agency reported that the suspected attacker had been detained by the police soon after the incident occurred and he will soon appear in front of the court. Eastern European media NEXTA made a tweet regarding it and stated that the Prime Minister was shot numerous times. 

The post of NEXTA on X reads, “One to the abdomen, one to head. He (Robert Fico) is in a serious condition.”

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