Rare Solar Eclipse 2024: All Details You Need

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Rare Solar Eclipse of 2024: All the Details You Need

Solar Eclipse 2024

Are you excited to witness the solar eclipse of 2024? If yes, then you are on the right page, here we are present to share all the details related to “Solar Eclipse 2024”. The largest astronomical event of 2024 will occur in the upcoming months and few parts of the world will witness this. Unfortunately, India will not be able to witness this rare eclipse. According to the reports, a total eclipse will gaze at the night sky and it will cross Mexico, Canada, and the United States and then move across North America. Despite being unable to watch this particular eclipse, Indians are keen to know why this total solar eclipse is called to be rare by scientists. 

What Is A Total Solar Eclipse?

A total solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, entirely blocking the face of the Sun. Countries that are located in the centre of the shadow of the Moon when it hits Earth will be able to watch the total eclipse. The moon entirely covers the Sun and makes it dark which gives the feel of dusk or dawn. The view is completely rare to watch and this is the reason people are excited to watch it but sadly Indians will be unable to watch this.

When Did The Last Total Solar Eclipse Happen?

The last total solar eclipse was visible in August 2017 from the United States. According to the reports, it was the first total eclipse to cover the whole continent in nearly 100 years. However, as per NASA, an annual solar eclipse was witnessed on 14th October 2024 in some parts of the United States, but at that time, the sun was not entirely covered.

Date And Time Of Total Solar Eclipse 2024

After a long time, the world is finally able to witness a rare total solar eclipse. It will happen to be on Monday, 8 April 2024. The total solar eclipse will traverse North America, crossing over Mexico, the United States and Canada. As per NASA, this rare eclipse is expected to start over the South Pacific Ocean. Watchers in the path of entirely will see the sun entirely covered by the shadow of the moon. This rare eclipse will last between 3 to 4 minutes for those directly in the way of. 


Date of Total Solar Eclipse: 8th April 2024

Begin Time Of Solar Eclipse: 8th April, 02:12 PM 

End Time Of Solar Eclipse: 9th April 2024, 02:22 AM

According to NASA, the Pacific coast of Mexico will be the first that will experience a total solar eclipse at around 11:07 AM. After that around 1:27 PM CDT in the US, the citizens of Texas will witness the total eclipse as the shadow passes through the northeast. The route will cut diagonally across the nation, passing through the states of Oklahoma, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. 

What Safety Measures Need To Be Taken Care While Watching The Total Solar Eclipse 2024?

Many things need to be taken care of while watching the total solar eclipse 2024. Such as:-

  •  If you are planning to witness a solar eclipse, you need to wear special eye protection that is specially designed to view the sun. It is unsafe to directly watch the sun during the eclipse. 
  • Directly looking at any part of the bright sun through binoculars, camera lenses, or telescopes without a special solar filter attached to the front of the optics can quickly cause serious eye damage. 
  • People can use an indirect viewing technique to watch this total eclipse.
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