SpiceJet Mumbai to Delhi Flight Delayed for Several Hours; Passengers share their concern over Social media

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SpiceJet Mumbai to Delhi Flight Delayed for Several Hours; Passengers share their concern over Social media

SpiceJet Mumbai to Delhi Flight Delayed for Several Hours

Mumbai-Delhi flight SG 8158 was delayed due to unknown reasons. The flight was supposed to take off at 09:05 AM on the 14th of June, 2024 from Mumbai and reach Delhi by 11:15 AM. Passengers shared their concerns as they were told to wait for hours at a stretch without any confirmation of their flight’s revised timings. 

Passengers of SpiceJet SG 8158 Mumbai to Delhi flight are undergoing a distressful experience at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai today on Friday, June 14th as the flight is delayed for several hours. 

The cause of the delay could be due to operational reasons. Regardless of the cause of the delay, the crisis management of the airline is questionable seeing the dissatisfaction among passengers. They were initially informed of the flight being late by only an hour or two, which then extended to become a six-hour delay. Passengers are furious with this turn of events as they have no idea if this flight will take off today. The airline staff refused to share the cause of the delay which fueled the uncertainty about the flight. Passengers complained about the multiple rescheduling via an instagram video. They were initially informed that the flight would leave at 12 o’clock. The flight did not take off at 12 and the departure time was changed to 2 PM. The flight did not leave the airport at 2 PM either.

As per the latest updates, the staff has addressed the passengers of the Mumbai-Delhi flight SG 8158 flight and announced that the delay was due to technical issues and is now scheduled to take off at 3;30 PM.

The staff has made claims that the technical issues in the aircraft were discovered a night ago and the passengers were informed of this probable delay via a text message, but the passengers claim they did not receive any text message from SpiceJet informing of this delay.

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Many passengers have been at the airport since 6;00 AM as passengers are advised to reach the airport three hours before departure. Many had important meetings and events to attend which they must have missed by now. On top of this inconvenience, the airport and airline fail to provide arrangements to ensure the comfort of the passengers. Several SpiceJet flights have been behind schedule in the last few days. This begs the question, what is the cause of these inconveniences? Why is it that the passengers are informed of a delay due to technical issues after they arrive at the airport and not hours ago? What is the cause of this mismanagement and the bigger question still is what is the solution?

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