Tata Institute’s Affordable Rs 100 Tablet: A Cancer Recurrence Preventer

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Tata Institute's Affordable Rs 100 Tablet: A Cancer Recurrence Preventer

Tata Institute’s Rs 100 Cancer Prevention Tablet

Cancer is one of the most common and serious illnesses which is responsible for millions of deaths. As per data, almost 10 million people lose their lives from cancer annually. Multiple factors are responsible for it but one of the common reasons for the death due to cancer is the expensive treatment. Although the government is running multiple schemes to provide cancer treatment at affordable prices for common people, the costs of medicines are too high. Not everyone can afford cancer treatment or medicine and the condition of government hospitals is not hidden from anyone.

Ground-Breaking Discovery Of Tata Institute 

However, one medical institute has made a ground-breaking discovery regarding the problem of the high cost of medicines which will be helpful for cancer patients to get medicine at affordable prices. According to the reports, a renowned centre for cancer research and treatment, the Tata Institute in Mumbai has declared an innovative discovery: an affordable treatment that could prevent the recurrence of cancer. If this news is true and effective, then this discovery will save millions of lives who are losing the battle with cancer due to heavy and costly treatment. Presently, lakhs and crores are spent on cancer treatment but now TMC doctors have discovered a tablet to treat cancer which will be available for just Rs 100. 

The researchers and doctors at the Tata Institute worked for 10 years and their dedication and hard work finally gave results as claimed by them. According to the researchers of Tata Institute, this affordable table prevents the occurrence of cancer for the second time in patients. Furthermore, this tablet is so effective that it will reduce the side effects of treatments like radiation and chemotherapy by fifty per cent. During the media interaction, a senior cancer surgeon at Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr Rajendra Badve said that Cancer cells were introduced into rats, leading to tumour formation. 

When the cancer cells were identified in Rats, the treatment of the rats was treated with radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy. The study also disclosed that dying cancer cells deliver chromatin particles, which can travel via the bloodstream to healthy cells and then change into serious illnesses or cancer. 

How Does This New Discovery Work

While treating the rats’s cancer, the doctors administered pro-oxidant tablets that contained resveratrol and copper (R+Cu). The R+Cu tablets generate oxygen radicals in the stomach, which are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The entire procedure is helpful in stopping the circulation of cancer cells (metastases) and lowering the toxicity of the chemotherapy. The doctors and researchers have called this invention the “Magic of R+Cu.” Speaking about the effectiveness of the tablet introduced by the researchers of Tata Institute, it will help reduce the side effects of cancer treatment by approximately 50% and is around 30% effective in stopping cancer recurrence. 

The researchers further claimed that the tablet showcased the promise of treating the deadly disease of the lungs, oral cavity, and pancreas. It is yet to be launched in the market as the tablet is seeking approval from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Once the tablet gets the approval from FSSAI, it will start delivering in the market at the price of Rs 100. It is expected to be available by June-July. As of now, the trial of this tablet is only made on rats and the human trials are still ongoing.

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