Tata Motors Accelerates Global EV Testing and Expands Dealerships in India

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One of the top Indian multinational automotive manufacturing companies has made an exciting announcement that will benefit its position in the Electric vehicles market. As per multiple reports, Tata Motors is all set to expand its dealerships in India. The report states that the top automotive manufacturing company is in the process of making specialized dealerships in the nation, particularly designed to cater to EVs. This decision is part of the company’s strategy to improve as well as strengthen its position in the fast-growing market of electric vehicles. Scroll down to learn more about it. 


The Managing Director of Tata Motors shared his statement regarding the new strategy of its company. Shailesh Chandra said “Tata Motors felt the requirement to make a separate brand philosophy and personality for the electric vehicles market. In the coming quarters, our company will begin for exclusive EV dealership.” There is no doubt in saying that, the strategy of TATA Motors will help the company to strengthen its position in this market. At first, an Indian automotive manufacturing company is planning to set up a few retail outlets that are particularly dedicated to electric vehicles that will bear the brand name Tata EV.


Besides this, the company is also working on other strategies that are related to the international market. According to the reports, the company is working on finalizing its international strategy. It is believed that the company is planning to export electric vehicles to the global market. Although the particular target markets of the company are unknown at the moment. The company is currently testing its EV in some international markets. Through this test, the company will keep an eye on the global markets analyze the success of its experiment and then decide about its potential launch. As per TATA Motors’ MD, the tests of electric vehicles in the early stages and the initial tests will analyze the performance of the cars.


During the tests, the company will decide what changes are essential to make in EVs before it’s launch in the global market. The company will fully finalize the product and then create a “go to market” strategy. Mr. Chandra states “It is about which markets I should be in, with what products and with what kind of distribution strategy. We are presently evaluating some, markets, running our automobiles and in the talk with our business partners.” The MD of TATA Motors further included that at present they would not be able to share more details regarding this matter. As per him, it is quite early to discuss the export markets and for more clarification about the strategy of the company or the success rate of their test, we need to wait for the next year. 


The biggest electric carmaker in India also plans to launch new car dealerships in the coming months and these cars will be launched in some cities of India. Moreover, Tata Motors has also launched its 4th electric car in New Delhi on Thursday. This new model is the version of its Nexon electric SUV. The starting price of this car is around Rs. 1.5 million. This car making company has more than 80% share of the electric car market of India and it is responsible for the growing EVs market which is now competing with MG Motor the product of China and Mahindra & Mahindra a product of India. Sales of electric vehicles have been increasing worldwide. Tesla is also planning to invest their money in the Indian market and currently holding a meeting with the government to manufacture a $24,000 car.

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