Tech Mahindra & Qualcomm me Collaboration

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Tech Mahindra & Qualcomm me collaboration

Tech Mahindra & Qualcomm me Collaboration

Written by: Sakshi Tiwari

Digital services firm Tech Mahindra has announced official news today. According to Tech Mahindra groups, they are going to collaborate with the Qualcomm Technologies, and are planning to offer smart city solutions globally. The ‘Smart City Accelerator Program’ propelled by Qualcomm Technologies in April, is planned for associating urban communities, government offices, and endeavors with specialist organizations offering Qualcomm Technologies-based smart city arrangements.

The Manish Vyas who has the role of President in the Communications Business in the Tech MahindraCompanysaid, “Tech Mahindra is confined to promoting the best innovative solutions by leveraging the next-generation technology to devise and execute the smart solutions for the high-tech cities, industries, enterprises, and local governments. We are very delighted to have this kind of partnership with the Qualcomm Technologies as part of their ‘Smart City Accelerator Program’ to assure the evolution and deployment of making smart cities solutions globally.”

The Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program would like to quicken the change of keen urban framework and administrations for the 21st century. Its individuals represent the broadness of software and software providers, cloud arrangement providers, framework integrators, structure, and assembling organizations, as well as organizations offering start to finish arrangements in view of the Smart Cities. With Tech Mahindra’s digital and computerized transformation abilities and pedigree of building up many best smart cities in Asia, Tech Mahindra as the framework reconciliation accomplice will help take off Smart City solutions.

SanjeetPandit who is currently having the senior director position for the business development and head of smart cities in Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., said, “Tech Mahindra is a global operation integrator and director of the innovative smart city as well as IoT solutions. “The Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program affords a center for smart city solutions across the different regions and verticals, and we are satisfied to see the company Tech Mahindra cooperates as the preeminent system integrator in our plans.”

Tech Mahindra’s business relationships traverse the spectrum of requirements for the entire Smart Cities which includes smart energy management, smart parking, smart automated meter reading, and smart street lighting. These solutions along with the Tech Mahindra’s global Managed Services skills and leading groups of partners enable Tech Mahindra to provide the correct value to Smart tech Cities attempting to enhance their infrastructure demands in areas such as:  enhancing the citizen participation via intelligent mobility apps, scaling and reducing the total energy usage crosswise buildings and deterring the destruction and theft.

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