The CEO of Unacademy Urges Entrepreneurs to Choose Bengaluru over Delhi and Mumbai

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To talk about India, no other city or state can offer a better match to Bengaluru when one is discussing the startup ecosystem. The city’s magnificence is enough to motivate a person who has ever dreamt about doing something of his own. Recently, Unacademy’s CEO Gaurav Munjal was caught up in all the praises about the Silicon Valley of India at TechSparks 2024 in Mumbai. At the event, he urged aspiring entrepreneurs to move to Bengaluru instead of settling their ventures in Delhi and Mumbai. The Unacademy CEO completed his education in Mumbai and is now based in Bengaluru. “I don’t think you should be based out of Mumbai or Delhi. I think you should be based out of Bengaluru. Come to Bengaluru, increase your odds”, Gaurav said.

He shared the atmosphere that the capital of Karnataka has to offer to businessmen. He said that no matter how hard one tries, the networking opportunities of Bengaluru remain unparalleled as compared to any other city. “Mumbai may be a better city than Bengaluru, it is a good place to spend a weekend but to run a startup you have to be in Bengaluru” Gaurav stated at the Mumbai event. He further added that he didn’t have the opportunity to visit a coffee shop in Bengaluru where he didn’t meet someone who had a vision to do something big in business in the city.

During his conversation with Shradha Sharma, the founder and CEO of YourStory, Gaurav compared the pace and success potential of Bengaluru and Mumbai. He shared his thoughts that Bengaluru might be a slower-paced city than Mumbai, yet it holds much greater success opportunities than it. The city elevates the growth prospects of businesses and startups. Apart from that, it is also interesting to note that the majority of the country’s entrepreneurs hail from Bengaluru. The next thing that he had to add was “If  you are starting up, your goal should be how do I increase the probability of success in every move I do, and the eco-system in Bengaluru is next-level.”

About Unacademy

Unacademy is India’s largest online educational platform which was co-founded by CEO Gaurav Munjal along with two of his friends Hemesh Singh and Roman Saini. The platform came to life in 2015 while Gaurav was completing his education in college. Unacademy offers numerous courses in different subjects at the school level, as well as it has guided many students for prominent entrance examinations such as NEET, CA Intermediate, etc. The headquarters of this Edtech company are located in Bengaluru. 

The Startup System of Bengaluru

Bengaluru was ranked in the third position for producing the largest number of tech startups in the world. Due to this, the city has successfully retained the title of India’s Startup Capital. In 2023, Bengaluru grabbed the 20th position in Startup Genome’s The Global Startup Ecosystems Report (GSER). The city is leading at the front, leaving behind New York City and London at number 2 position.

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