Exciting Tech Announcements at CES 2024 : Transparent MicroLED Display by Samsung

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Exciting Tech Announcements at CES 2024: Transparent MicroLED Display by Samsung

World’s First Transparent MicroLED Displayed by Samsung at CES 2024

January 2024 has started with a big blast. Many intriguing announcements have been made in different fields during different summits and events organized in different parts of the world. One such event is currently going on in Las Vegas in which several big electronic companies have showcased their projects. Yes, you are right we are talking about The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that is held in Las Vegas. It is one of the biggest and most energetic tech events of the year in which many big electronic companies showcase their new or upcoming projects. CSE 2024 has unfolded many dazzling tech announcements and futuristic projects.

From Artificial Intelligence companions to flying cars, to mind-controlled gaming chairs and foldable laptops, this year companies have presented an insight into the future of technology. Out of this exciting news, Samsung has displayed its latest project which made people amused. Samsung conducted its annual First Look event on Sunday, where the firm showcased the first transparent MicroLED display. Samsung is the first company to introduce this type of display. However, the price of this display remains disclosed as well when this transparent MicroLED display into retail services. 

Samsung has displayed this transparent MicroLED along with transparent LCD and transparent OLED models to showcase the difference between the tech. The difference is visible as the MicroLED panel is quite brighter. The other features of the display are:  it has a frameless design and a glass panel that is completely translucent which means one can see things that are kept behind it. This innovation was disclosed on Sunday, 7th Jan and it instantly caught the attention. Samsung shared the videos of the MicroLED display on their social media account which shows it like a hologram as the display flying in mid-air. 

The transparent MicroLed that was put on the showcase was a demo unit. The images that are trending on social media show that the demo unit is standing without the support of anything. The body is quite thin and it is quite slim and looks like it is just a centimetre. Due to the slim body of the MicroLED, it creates an illusion and makes it look like it is floating in the air, even the screen looks like it is floating. In further addition to the world’s first transparent display, the images on the screen are visible and quite sharp. The credit goes to the high pixel density of the product. As of now, the company has posted only a single video of it. 

During an interaction with a media outlet, Samsung’s spokesperson talked about the features of the transparent MicroLED displays and stated that since clear MicroLED displays are less impacted by ambient light, they are more brilliant than transparent OLED screens. The only negative thing about this product of Samsung is its pricing. The exact amount has not been shared but it is assumed that the price will be on the higher side. At present, the price of a 110-inch model of non-transparent MicroLED TV is around $150,000.

The other price tag depends on the size of the TV. It will take a long time for this transparency to fit into the budget of middle-class people.   Well, we need to wait for the official announcement regarding the pricing of the transparent display. Apart from Samsung, LG also showcased the OLED T in an ongoing event. As of now, we just only have this many details, and we will be back with more information. Till then stay tuned with us.

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