UAE’s Health Ministry’s Safety Advisory Post-Floods

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UAE’s Health Ministry’s Safety Advisory Post-Floods

Following the massive flood situations of the UAE, the country’s health ministry has issued health advisory for the local public to be followed, after major parts of the region underwent record-hitting rainfalls in the previous week. Although most of the country’s operations are resuming back into normalcy, it is still important to abide by protocols to ensure safety of the citizens. The health ministry on Monday, issued a list of safety precautions on social media that residents and other individuals must follow, to protect them against any mishap. These include:

  1. Taking precautions against mosquitoes- Citizens have been advised to wear long-sleeved clothing or use mosquito repellents to stay unaffected from mosquitoes.
  2. Clearing water-logged areas- It has also been asked to clear areas where water has accumulated, secure entrances, and install window screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering. 
  3. Cleaning and ventilation-Individuals must clean their households and furniture daily wearing gloves, full-sleeved clothes, and masks to avoid catching moisture and mold. They must also maintain a good ventilation by opening windows.
  4. Avoiding the scope for water-borne diseases-Parents should advice their children not to play in stagnant water as they are a source to water-borne diseases. It is also necessary to ensure that all sewage systems and drains are unclogged to let the stagnant water pass through them.
  5. Maintaining hygeine and safety-Drinking water and  food should always remain pure and clean to prevent contamination. People should avoid consuming stale food items and should only intake frshly-cooked meals.
  6. Exercising carefulness-Appropriate distance should be maintained with fallen objects and electrical wires. First aid should be readily available at homes to ensure safety during needs.
  7. Healthy living-Individuals should have a proper balanced diets consisting of fruits intake and vegetables consumption daily. Outside foods and snacks should be prohibited during such times to prevent digestive issues. Also, it is advisable to practice home exercises to stay healthy and fit.

In addition to these advisory points, people should stay at home and avoid going outside unless the need be.

In addition, Sharjah Police authority has also said that it would drop down traffic fines incurred during rain. The region’s police department has also said to offer free vehicle destruction certificates to affected individuals. Citizens can download this certificate through official platforms such as the “Sharjah Police Smart App” and the website. Dubai government has also announced that it will handover salaries to its employees early for the month of April. 

Current Situation

As the UAE shows some improvement in its weather conditions, its flagship carrier Emirates and sister airline flydubai have resumed back its operations, as the airlines said on Saturday. Emirates had to cancel nearly 400 scheduled flights and postponed many due to the dangerous storms and massive rainfalls that hit the desert city of Dubai on Tuesday. This was reported by the airline’s president, Tim Clark. The airport authority has advised the traveling passengers to arrive at their respecttive terminals before 3 hours and to also avoid overcrowding the airport premises. Schools have also been ordered to provide distance education to their students for the time being, until further notice. 

If latest reports are to be believed, UAE expects more rain on April 22 and the week following it.

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