UN World Happiness Report 2024: Finland Tops the List Again

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For the seventh time in a row, Finland won the title of the happiest country in the world. The annual UN World Happiness Report was issued on Wednesday, 20 March 2024. The publication ranked countries based on self-reported happiness scores after surveying nearly 150,000 people in over 140 countries. In the report, Finland holds the first position and other Nordic countries are onto something and place in the top 10 including Denmark which holds 2nd position, followed by Iceland and then Sweden. The consecutive win of Finland as the world’s happiest country shows a positive well-being culture. 

The country’s ambassador expressed his happiness over the consecutive winning of Finland and praised the broad trust in institutions. He further added that the mantra behind the happiness of Finland’s natives is access to nature along with low stress. Semafor shared the annual World Happiness Report on Wednesday.  A founding editor of the World Happiness Report, John Helliwell said during an interview with a media outlet that, Several citizens in Finland were raised to act prosocially, which translates to “wallets being come back if they are dropped in the street and people helping each other day in and day out.” 

Main Reasons Why Finland Continues To Remain As World’s Happiest Country


1 Focus on Work-Life Harmony

2 An excellent educational framework 

3 Equitable treatment of women

4 Sauna customs 

5 Minimal Degrees of Corruption

6 Strong beliefs in good healthcare


One more positive thing we can learn from Finland is the value of work-life balance. The country always focused on cultivating a positive workplace along with the values of a work-life balance. World Happiness Report 2024 surveyed 143 countries before releasing the report and out of these Afghanistan holds the last position like before. This country is standing at the bottom of the list due to ongoing humanitarian crises since the Taliban regained power 4 years back. The United States and Germany have fallen below the top 20 happiest countries and standing in 23rd and 24th position respectively. This happened for the first time in 10 years that both countries spotted the position in the line of 30s. 

Surprisingly, Kuwait and Costa Rica managed to get space in the list of top 20 happiest nations. Costa Rica is in 12th position and Kuwait is in 13th position. The progress of both nations is quite impressive. Remarkable changes in happiness levels were witnessed since 2006-2010 with Jordan, Afghanistan, and Lebanon experiencing significant reduction, whereas Eastern European countries like Latvia, Serbia, and Bulgaria have witnessed an impressive surge. The ranking parameter is determined by a self-assessed evaluation of life satisfaction with numerous factors including social support, GDP per capita, freedom, healthy life expectancy, corruption and generosity.  

After making considerable progress in their happiness scores over the past ten years, Serbia (ranked 37) and Bulgaria (ranked 81) are tied for the title of most improved. In the latest addition to this, the list parsed out well-being evaluations by age, for the first time. 

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Here is The List Of Top 10 Happiest Countries In The World

  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Sweden
  • Israel
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Australia


What Is The Rank Of India In The Happiness Index?

India is still standing on rank 126 in the happiness index just like previously. Some of the factors that are responsible for this rank are physical health, social engagement and marital status. 

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