US Imposes Sanctions on Iran After Unprecedented Air Attack

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US Imposes Sanctions on Iran After Unprecedented Air Attack

The ongoing conflict between Iran and Israel is getting intense and the interference of the US is paying more attention. In the latest development, the US is set to impose new sanctions on Iran; meanwhile, Israel is planning to retaliate. The decision of the US to impose sanctions on Iran came after the bizarre air attack made on Israel. The unprecedented air attack was made by Iran on Israel a few days ago. Since then, the tension between the two countries has heightened and the US is showing its support to Iran whereas China is supporting Israel.

It is worth noting that the conflict between Israel and Iran is decades back but the current attack of Iran has made it more intense. Both countries have been enemies since the Islamic Revolution in 1985. A theocratic regime of Iran has pledged to wipe Israel off the map whereas the U.S. and Israel have long accused Tehran of expanding and funding terrorist organisations. As we mentioned above, after the unprecedented attack of Iran on Israel the White House imposed sanctions on an Islamic country. Meanwhile, several world leaders have suggested or requested Israel to not take any action against Iran and leave the matter to the US but looks like Israel has decided to give a stronger blow in the form of retaliation on Iran. 

Iran’s Attack On Israel 

Over the weekend, Iran released hundreds of drones and missiles on Israel, however, Israel claims that the air attack of their rival country has largely been thwarted and the unprecedented attack had not caused much damage in the state of Israel. Meanwhile, Israel is not in the mood to leave Iran easily as The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has decided to retaliate, even after the urge of the US not to respond. Speaking about the attack that was made on the state of Israel, Iran released more than 300 missiles and attack drones in the garage. 

After attacking Israel, Iran said that their attack was a response to an attack from Israel. As per Iran, Israel made an airstrike in Syria on April 1 where their two generals had lost their lives. 

US Decides To Impose Sanctions On Iran

According to multiple reports, Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Adviser said the White House will impose new sanctions on an Islamic Country through which they will target missile and drone programs of Iran. The new sanction will also group the Revolutionary Guard Corps of the country and its defence ministry. Furthermore, the US said they are also working with allies on a joint response.

Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser released a statement in which he said “President of the US, Joe Biden is in talk with allies and partners that includes the Group of Seven. The US President is also coordinating with bipartisan leaders in Congress on a comprehensive response. 

Moreover, John Kirby, the national security spokesman of the White House said on Tuesday, April 16, “The President does not want to see a war with Iran. Don’t want to see the conflict widen or deepen.” 

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On the other hand, The United Nations (UN) urged both countries to handle the situation in a peaceful manner rather than a war. In this regard, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called Iran’s foreign minister and called for “urgent de-escalation” of hostilities. Guterres also called for “a renewed focus on bringing peace to the Middle East.”

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