Successful Rescue Operation: 41 Trapped Workers Freed After 17 Days

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After facing numerous challenges, the rescue team has finally succeeded in rescuing 41 trapped workers. These workers were trapped inside a tunnel in Uttarakhand state on 12th November 2023. Since then, the rescue team has been trying hard to free them and now the team is finally succeeding in their operation on 28th November 2023. This incident has attracted the attention of all around the world and many news websites have shared different insights of it. According to the report, the incident occurred on the occasion of Diwali in which 41 workers were trapped inside an under-construction tunnel (Silkyara) that had collapsed. 


The operation to rescue them has endured for around 17 days and the rescue operation team has faced numerous challenges. The reports state that the collapse may have happened due to a geological fault which is known as a “shear zone”. The reports further added that there was no escape passage in spite of government guidelines that recommended emergency exits. Now, the latest reports suggested that, after rescuing the team, the workers were admitted to the hospital by a fleet of ambulances that were waiting outside the tunnel. The workers were airlifted to AIIMS-Rishikesh for a health check-up. 


While addressing the media, one official stated after the evacuation, the workers were kept under medical observation in Chinyalisaur’s hospital. Pushkar Singh Dhami, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand expressed his happiness over the successful rescue operation. He further added that PM Modi himself was being constantly eyed on the mission and was taking regular updates on it. Dhami states “The mission was very challenging and all the people working in it have contributed. I thank everyone, especially our Prime Minister. I never heard that even for a single day the Prime Minister missed any update on the rescue mission. He took cognizance of even the minutest details of the rescue operation and extended his advice on how we could proceed further.”


He further added, “Our beloved PM explained everything about how to motivate the experts who were fully involved and because of his constant guidance, we made this difficult campaign successful.” Besides, Dhami also visited the hospital to meet with the workers who were trapped and gave them help of Rs. 1 lakh each. Furthermore, the officials from the chief minister’s office state that the workers will be kept under observation for 24 hours. It is worth noting that the workers were trapped in the tunnel without the natural air and sunlight for 17 days. The officials further state that the decision to airlift the workers was taken in the context of avoiding wasting time and making sure that all were reached safely at the hospital. 


Relatives of the workers are allowed to meet and after the instructions of doctors, they will be discharged. This successful rescue is a testament to the skill and dedication of the rescue teams who were involved in the operation. This highlighted the significance of technology, collaboration and relentless efforts to control the challenges. This successful rescue is a moment of relief not only for the families of the workers but also for the nation. PM Modi also expressed his happiness over the rescue operation. He made a tweet after the operation and stated “The success of the rescue operation of our workers is a proud as well as an emotional moment for everyone. Each worker who was trapped in the tunnel was a source of inspiration, patience and courage. I wish you good health and wellbeing.” 

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