Valentine’s Day Alert: Deepfakes and AI Are New Weapons Of Cyber Criminals

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Valentine's Day Alert: Deepfakes and AI Are New Weapons Of Cyber Criminals

Valentine’s Day Alert

How much technology has advanced is not hidden from anyone. In the era of advanced technology, everything is available with just one click, but everything has positive and negative sides. Particularly, it is a human tendency to misuse things that are created to make our lives easy. One of the greatest examples is the misuse of Artificial Technology, the vision behind developing this advanced technology is to make our work easy but now most of the crimes are happening due to the misuse of this technology. Deepfake technology is one such growing concern which is working as a barrier agent in front of cybercrime. 

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, the cybercriminals are committing crimes with the help of deepfake technology. Due to the rising concern on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the alert or stark warning has been raised by cyber-security experts. The cyber-security experts made a warning regarding the growing concern of romance scams in India. According to the data shared by these experts on Monday, 66 percent of people in India are becoming the prey of deceitful online dating schemes. The reports further added that 43 per cent of Indians in 2013 were the prey of AI voice scams which resulted in financial losses. Around 83 percent suffered financial losses due to online dating scams.

According to the reports of an exposure management company, over the last few years, online romance scams have witnessed a spine-chilling transformation, mixing advanced technologies with traditional tactics like deep fakes and AI. The reports added that “AI-generated deep fakes have become sophisticated enough that more than two-thirds or 69 per cent of netizens of India say they cannot differentiate the real voice of a human being and AI. In the reports, it is clearly mentioned that romance scams aka online dating scams have been on surge in India. 

Cybercriminals Are Using AI Technology To Scam Innocent People

Several people are looking for love and most of them are totally dependent on online dating apps. Criminals are well aware of this and use these apps to commit serious crimes. No doubt, AI technology is playing a crucial role and people are easily falling into it. Cybercriminals are manipulating Gen AI and deep fake technologies to display their scam in an authentic way in front of innocent people. They are using these technologies to knit a trap which are used to make users believe that they are talking to a real person rather than an AI-generated person. 

Their convincing strategy with the help of gen AI is quite impressive and they impersonate someone to make the potential victims believe that whom they are romantically involved is not a fake person but an actual person. These online scams or frauds are usually generated on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps tricking victims into a false sense of security. Staff research engineer of Tenable, Chris Boyd states “I strongly advocate for heightened vigilance when coerced away from established platforms into private conversations, where the protective layers of the initial site are forfeited. Regardless of the involvement of gen AI or deep fake technology, the watchword is caution.”

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