World Water Day 2024: Water Conservation Initiatives by ITC

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Water Conservation Initiatives by ITC: A Step Towards Sustainability

“Jal Hi Jivan Hai”, a famous poem penned by Bijay Kant Dubey showcased a message of water conservation. Water is necessary for life, we can survive without food but not without water. Despite knowing it, many of us waste a lot of water. Unplanned urbanisation has also made an equal contribution which resulted in a form of water shortage, many areas and cities are facing this challenge and if it continues to remain soon the situation will get worse. The population is suffering as a result of the rapidly decreasing amount of water scattered throughout the region, and this will eventually have a domino effect on all of humanity. 

Several cities in India are struggling with an extreme water crisis. Daily hundreds of people are witnessed to be standing in a queue in front of water tankers, people are paying extra money to get water and many areas and residents’ complexes have banned swimming pools. All these things are happening in well-established urban cities where citizens are struggling to get fresh water. According to the report of a media outlet, that explains the water crisis through water data. The data displayed that 54% of India is suffering from high water stress and almost 600 million individuals are at a higher risk of surface-water supply disruptions. 

In the wake of this rising water crisis, Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited (ITC) are working on numerous approaches to tackle the situation. The multi-business conglomerate launched numerous programmes on the occasion of “World Water Day 2024” that are offering precious solutions. Through their initiative, the company is trying to deal with the ongoing water crisis which is essential for water conversation. The stewardship program of India ITC has received the highest-level global acknowledgement for it. 

ITC is one of only two Indian corporations to make it into the coveted CDP Water ‘A’ List, and the only one in the manufacturing sector to do so, outperforming the ‘C’ average for the Asia-Pacific region. ITC is now among the 101 businesses worldwide to have received the ‘A’ List distinction for water security. CDP is a notable not-for-profit organisation that encourages engagement on global environmental problems. Apart from that, 4 ITC’s facilities already bagged the Platinum-Level AWS (Alliance for Water Stewardship) Certification. 

The company said in a released statement that “ITC’s success is built on the foundation of 20 commandments-wastewater treatment, reviving rivers, revival of traditional structures, community engagement, precision climate-smart agriculture, watershed development, water stewardship, responsible luxury, biodiversity management, and public-private partnerships.” Several steps have been implemented at ITC facilities to guarantee optimal water use efficiency centred around the “3R” principle: recycle, reuse, and reduce.

What Is World Water Day 2024 And Why Is It Celebrated?

Every year on 22 March, World Water Day is commemorated to make people aware of the importance of freshwater and for water conservation. This year as well, WWD is celebrating with a theme “Water for prosperity and peace” to make people aware of the ongoing water crisis and the need for freshwater and how to conserve it. 

History Of World Water Day 

The United Nations General Assembly proposed “World Water Day ” under Agenda 21in 1993. The motive behind this proposal is to dedicate a day to creating awareness about the significance of fresh water and the need for conservation. Since 1993, 22 March has been dedicated to celebrating World Water Day. 

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