Ana Julia- The World’s Largest Snake Found Dead Few Weeks After Its Discovery

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Ana Julia- The World’s Largest Snake Found Dead Few Weeks After Its Discovery

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the popular places among reptiles experts. As many species of animals reside in this place including snakes. Even most of the movies that revolve around wildlife have been filmed in this rainforest including the Anaconda series. This forest is believed to be the home of different species of animals and reptiles including snakes. Once again, this rainforest came into the news with a recent discovery of the world’s largest snake that claimed to be found in this place. However, just weeks after this discovery, the snake was found dead in the Amazon Rainforest. 

The World’s Largest Snake Found Dead In Amazon Rainforest

Ana Julia - Anaconda

According to the reports, a giant anaconda that is believed to be one of the largest snakes in the world has been found dead in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. The cause of the death is believed to be a gunshot as suggested by a snake researcher who helped with the initial discovery of it.  However, it is yet to be official but a snake researcher asserted its claim after finding a gunshot wound on the body of the snake. The investigation regarding the matter is still ongoing. 

The Discovery Of Ana Julia

A huge reptile was found five weeks ago in the rural Bonito district of Mato Grosso do Sul State, southern Brazil, near the Formoso River. After the discovery of the world’s largest snake, it was named Ana Julia. The team of researchers were filming for “Pole to Pole” with Will Smith, a series telecasted on the National Geographics Disney+ when they found Ana Julia. As soon as the reptile spotted the team held it and measured it. The snake was 26 feet long and approximately 440 pounds. The northern green anaconda’s weight was equivalent to 31 stone and boasted a head close in size to that of a human. 

What Is The Cause Of Death

As mentioned above, a Dutch snake researcher suggests that Ana Julia has been shot. However, The researcher who was involved in the discovery of the huge reptile highlighted that probes into the cause of death were still underway. Ana Julia’s death news has been officially shared by Professor Freek Vonk on a social media platform. In a written post on Instagram, the Professor said, ” With enormous pain in my heart I want to let you know that the mighty green anaconda I swam with was found dead in the river this weekend.” 

He further added, “An iron-strong animal, a survivor, one that’s been swimming around Bonito for decades. As far as we know, she was super healthy and still in the prime of her life, and in the coming years, she could have taken care of many descendants. Since there are not so many of these species of colossal giant snakes swimming around, the blow to biodiversity (and this particular species in particular) is also huge.” 

The Professor also shared photos of the snake in which we can see the fatal injuries on the body of the snake which is believed to be the cause of the death. The unresponsive body of the snake is breaking the hearts of everyone who was earlier happy with the discovery of it. In the post, Vonk also claimed that the snake was shot dead but no official report has come out yet. The authorities are looking for evidence that can support the claim of Vonk. He said, “The cause of death is currently still being investigated, considering all possible options. So it’s also possible that she died a natural death.” 

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