FarmERP ties up with Maha Farmers Producer Company (MAHAFPC)

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FarmERP ties up with Maha Farmers Producer Company

FarmERP ties up with Maha Farmers Producer Company (MAHAFPC)

A Farmer Producer Company is a meld between cooperative societies and private limited companies with integrated services. These services allow for the betterment of the condition of farmers in India. A well-known fact panning across various discussions and debates since a long time is that the circumstances surrounding the farmers in our country are not the best as of date. 70% of India’s rural households depend primarily on agriculture for their daily source of income. 82% of these farmers are small or marginal. The productivity of Indian farms is below that of Brazil, the United States, France and other nations. To bridge this gap, while increasing the efficiency of the farmers as well, companies take initiatives and converge forcollaborations.

MahaFarmers Producer Company (MAHAFPC) in Maharashtra was incorporated on September 2014 under the State level consortium of Farmer Producer Companies by SFAC. MAHAFPC has its presence in 24 districts through 247 share holders as farmer producer companies, having 1.5 lac marginal farmers as ROC Shareholders.MAHAFPC engages in backward and forward market linkage support to producer companies as their Business Facilitator. As an institution, MAHAFPC is a state level agency of the Government of Maharashtra for procurement and they mainly deal in forward market linkages of pulses, soybean, onion and maize. Till date, MAHAFPC handles asupply chain of 80,000 MT of commodity directly from farmers at the farm gate level.

FarmERP is a future-ready, agriculture ERP platform. This leading smart agriculture management ERP software platform is responsible for technology-intensive digital transformation of agriculture and agribusinesses on various fronts. FarmERP is an advanced farm management platform being widely used globally for farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply chain and financial data management and analysis. This future ready agriculture management software platform is highly scalable. FarmERP is agile with new age and hi-tech offerings.

FarmERP has 4 main goals that they aim towards-

  1. Food Safety
  2. Sustainable Farming
  3. Traceability
  4. Climate Resilience

FarmERP collaborates with MAHAFPC to implement technology spanning across their entire operations. This will assist the operations of MAHAFPC in a way that helps them mitigate climate risks and enhance transparency with traceability, along with assuring safe produce and sustainable practices. The intermixing and convergence of two such platforms is initiated to create a positive impact in the space of agribusinesses, and is implemented to provide profitable results for betterment of the conditions of farmers and agriculture as a whole in our country. The integration of technology in the workings of MAHAFPC provides information and spreads awareness abouttech offerings and their benefits, therefore increasing the scale of agribusiness.

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