FIDEL Makes Translation Easy

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FIDEL Makes Translation Easy

Fidel is a Lang-tech company that helps technology to reach people by catering to 90+ languages for effective and faster communication. The brand understands the role of communication in today’s world and offer services to translate the content of websites, portals and mobile applications.Among the other services they offer, Linguify is its flagship product. Linguify can localize the UI of any website or enterprise product (desktop or web) in any language without the need to modify the underlying source code. Unlike other translation service providers, the translation services provided by Fidel is backed by technology expertise and involve native translators, hence quality is assured.

Fidel solution is easy to set-up because of its speedy implementation, immediate POC, high quality of translation, full control of client on translated contents and easy management during the change of contents.

Fidel is the Hindi language vendor for a global leading ERP solution provider. Fidel has contributed to the entire localization of the solution and is acknowledged for the same. They work with the top 10 global firms in transcription and training the AI engine with vernacular data. It has one of the largest scales and speed today for such Indian vernacular data creation.

Fidel offers its lang-tech services in various sectors that include, Banking and finance,  Healthcare, Government schemes, Public Distribution System, Disaster Management, Financial information, Tourism, Hospitality and, Agriculture.

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