Meet Shwetha Prasad: Making an Impact in the Digital Marketing Space

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Meet Shwetha Prasad: Making an Impact in the Digital Marketing Space

Today, the way businesses approach their customers has tremendously changed. Digital marketing has opened new avenues for businesses. It not only helps you reach the right customers faster but is also very cost-effective. It is said that if you do not have proper digital marketing in your organization, you are going to miss out on new opportunities. Digital marketing can bring a lot of exposure and growth to the organization. So, we got a chance to speak with Shwetha Prasad, Founder and CEO of Omnia Digital,a creativity-driven, full service digital agency that offers services like website designing & development, branding, digital strategy & execution, content marketing, campaign management, and analytics.

Shwetha Prasad is a remarkable woman with a passion and inclination to empower businesses through various digital transformation services. She is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. She has had hands-on experience in building and leading start-ups where she was the youngest core member handling key departments like accounts, operations and tech, the relentless hard work of her team taking this start-up to investment evaluation. She was the COO in an established agency, delegating and managing almost 70 employees. During this tenure is when she realized that digital marketing was her true calling.

Through Omnia, she is in the process of building a digital transformation approach that is sustainable and accessible for brands ranging right from start-ups all the way to large corporations that bank on data-driven and ROI-oriented outcomes.

“We are a team of growth hackers with the solitary goal of exploring unconventional avenues for growth customized to suit the client’s cadaverous marketing spends.  We achieve this by going all out in the creative aspect and opting for inexpensive and innovative ways to grow their customer base. Here at Omnia, we channel modern-day marketing, combined with creativity, digital engineering, analytics, and technology for various brands. The delivery of efficient, positive results with the quickest turnaround time is the go-to motto for the people of Omnia.”,Shwetha explains.

Challenges are a Part of Life

Like every start-up that grows, there have been multiple ups and downs in her career. Over the years, the biggest challenge that she faced was finding a solid team. And she found a few diamonds in the rough like Khyati Shah, who has shown stellar dedication and commitment to her work. “Luckily, I do have a core team falling into place because at the end of the day, it’s all about a joint effort. Another challenge that I recently faced, needless to say, has been COVID – 19. The world is battling the pandemic together and we all inadvertently took a beating and had no choice but to face it head-on. I had no control over this challenge and that was something a person like me could not process, yet I had to sit back and watch it unfold while constantly devising solutions and alternatives. It was nerve-wracking, but not the endgame.”, she says.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Change is the only constant in the digital industry. It started off as just a social media platform where you draw eyes to your product and today, we have lead generation, Whatsapp conversions, tracking, and re-marketing, there is so much going on at every stage. The number of platforms that can be used to market and establish a brand presence has become innumerable, all thanks to the massive surge in data consumption. The future is definitely the implementation of data analytics into digital. It is essential for every person to be on their toes and be updated with the latest trends that could make an everlasting impact.

“As a marketing and advertising agency with digital innovation in our DNA, Omnia’s brand-specific and efficient strategies cover everything from choosing the right platform to the audience and demographic segmentation, effective content placement, analysis, and enhancement. We aim towards levelling the playing fields for all organizations. Our services cater right from branding to digital asset building focussed on bringing the brand to the market and ensuring that ROI is reflected.  Our clientele varies from start-ups to top MNCs from an array of industries, ranging from real estate, healthcare, resto-bars, and brands driven to create a mark.”, she says.

Digital marketing is a very dynamic industry and it becomes essential for the company to speed with the ever-changing trends. At one point, Tiktok was a great platform for Indians looking to promote their products but it got banned and people in no time shifted to other platforms. “The aspects of this industry change very quickly and therefore we need to keep pace with it. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram roll out new features and revised dashboards on the daily and unless we are familiar with every tweak, it becomes impossible to survive. The design, concept, and digital trends decide the way forward for every brand, so it is essential for us to have every detail at our fingertips“, she asserts.

Leadership is an Action, Not a Position

Talking about leadership qualities, she says “you set an example to every person who is a part of your team. It starts with you and how dedicated you are to the work you do. WE must define the work culture.As a leader, I ensure that my resources take home a little bit of knowledge everyday. All the learning that one does in their work, they do with passion, which in turn moulds an individual for the rest of their lives. We provide a space that allows them to explore any vertical of their choice. I handpick my team and ensure that the most passionate people with the interest to learn and grow with the company are on board. The team is constantly motivated to be informed about the latest innovations in their field of expertise by educating themselves through courses. The power of knowledge will automatically reflect on revenue growth and the client base”, she explains.

“In order to secure our position on top, we need to stay on our toes and ensure our work and ideas are relevant and as dynamic as the industry requires us to be. Creative thinking is not a process that can be forced but is innate. Research and observation is key for an individual to explore and ideate. At Omnia, we encourage people to come up with new ideas as we feel that one’s freedom of expression must never be curbed.”

Shwetha Prasad concludes by saying “We should learn to stay aware of every individual’s contributions and be grateful;It is one way to keep the growth going. Growth is moulded and driven by our family, friends, and clients. Every little support system matters. 100 % self-made does not exist.”

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