10 Visa Free International Destinations That Every Indian Can Travel

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10 Visa Free International Destinations That Every Indian Can Travel

Top 10 Destinations offering Visa on Arrival for Indians

Envision yourself in a mystical land, where nature is at its full sprout, the breeze is amiably blowing, making the leaves of the trees move merrily, the significant waves hitting against the stones making a sound which is wonderful to the brain and seashores loaded up with the enjoyment of glad children going around.

On the off chance that you are the person who wants to travel and investigate puts yet finding the problem procedure of Visa Well, you don’t need to envision any longer because your mystical spot anticipates your appearance! Business View Magazine investigates 10 best international spots that each Indian can go without the procedure of Visa and exploit to travel and make the most of their individual goals.

  1. Bhutan– The Kingdom Of Thunder Dragon

Bhutan is an excellent nation that lies in the middle of the fringe of India and China. It is one of the favored goals for experience and culture in the travel industry.

Indian citizen travelling to Bhutan do not have to plan their trip through with an administration endorsed neighbourhood operator and pay the base duty, set by the legislature. Citizens visiting and staying up to 14 days are not in a need to take visa.

Also, Indian citizens need to carry their

  • Travel documents
  • Valid Indian passport (minimum 6 months)
  • ID proofs- voter ID (issued by Election Commission of India)
  1. Hong Kong

Effective from 23 January 2017, Indian nationals must apply for and effectively complete online pre-appearance enrolment before they can keep on getting a charge out of the present 14-day sans visa visit or enter Hong Kong during travel except if they have a place with one of the classes of people who may keep on coming to Hong Kong sans visa without pre-appearance enlistment.

This stunning city has so a lot of vitality that from the minute you show up and until the minute you leave, it won’t let you rest.

  1. Sri Lanka- The Forgotten Kingdom

A captivating island country situated in South Asia, Sri Lanka’s history goes back 3,000 years and the nation’s potential for the travel industry had stayed undiscovered this while inferable from many years of common war. This is the point at which these districts have conditions positive for touring and other open-air exercises.

  • The ETA is constrained to 30 days Per Entry of remain in Sri Lanka from the date of appearance and takes into account two (2) sections.
  • The data entered will be sent electronically to DI&E (Department of Immigration and Emigration) and your Sri Lanka ETA online by means of email.
  • The processing fees for tourist type is USD 20.00
  • The processing fees for tourist type is USD 30.00


  1. Indonesia- The Emerald Of The Equator

Indians don’t have to apply for an Indonesia visa abroad. You can simply buy the visa at the appearance lobby once you’ve arrived in Indonesia.

With this visa, you can remain for over 30 days however just as long as 60 days from the date of appearance. This visa is substantial for 30 days and can be expanded once for an additional 30 days. You may need to pay for visa expansion and visa operator expenses whenever required.

Indonesia is the world’s biggest island nation with a large number of islands spread crosswise over pieces of Southeast Asia and Oceania.

  1. Thailand- The Land of Smiles

While visiting Thailand Indian identification holders who are visiting Thailand for Tourism and plan to remain close to 15 days in the nation can profit the Visa on Arrival administration from and of the 32 assigned channels of Immigration checkpoints including Phuket International Airport.

  • The voyagers should convey 20,000 TBH or 500 USD in real money per individual as proof of methods for living in Thailand.
  • Visa on Arrival application charge of 2,000 Baht.
  1. Cambodia- The Realm of Gods

Nowadays, numerous individuals like to spend their vacation in Cambodia Angkor, as a result of the renowned visitor get-away spot prepared with wonderful explorer attractions and a lot of sports.

Getting a Cambodia visa for Visa on Arrival for Indians for the greatest remain of 30 days is the most helpful, least expensive and efficient other option. This method is sorted out, bother free and can take between 10 minutes to an hour relying upon the vacationer traffic. The Cambodia visa expenses for Indian residents at land or air intersections is INR 2781/ -. You additionally need to dish out an additional aggregate of INR 4797/ – as an assistance expense.

  1. Jordon

Jordan the travel industry board has declared visa on appearance for Indians at all fringe intersections. The visa will be legitimate for a time of 30 days. A proof of the forward adventure or an arrival ticket is the main report required for the strategy. Notwithstanding, the Indian voyagers can keep on getting visas before their adventure from the Jordanian discretionary missions in the nation. Jordon isn’t just Petra yet, in addition, the shocking characteristic of excellence and individuals who become companions to make your Trips increasingly amazing and charming.

  1. Nepal- The Himalayan Nation

The movement authority is regularly as a Visa, which is acquired before the voyage, with the exception of on account of nations where “Visa on Arrival” is accessible.

Nepal is a window ornament of shuddering petition banners, and as far as anyone knows best investigated with companions

certain ID proofs are compulsory

(I) Valid National Passport.

(ii) Photo Identity card gave by the Government of India/State Govt./UT Administration in India to their workers or Election ID card given by the Election Commission of India.

  1. Seychelles- Tropical Paradise

If you are planning to travel a gorgeous island in the Indian ocean there is no requirement of Visa since you only need to carry valid Identity proofs, confirmed return ticket and a minimum US$150per person and  proof of accommodation.

  1. Macau- The Las Vegas of Asia

While it is required for every one of the guests to hold a legitimate identification is having at least a half year legitimacy, there are nations that are absolved from having a Macau visa for a recommended number of remain.

If an individual wishes to visit Macau for touring, he may not require a visa for 30 days.

In the wake of entering Macau, if the guest wishes to broaden the remain, they can do as such by applying to the neighbourhood administration de Migracao office however not expanding 90 days.

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