Explore The Best Beaches To Visit in India

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Explore The Best Beaches To Visit in India

Best Beaches To Visit in India 2024

Why visit nations abroad and praise their scenic beauty, when we have some of the finest beach attractions in India only? Amidst the ‘Maldives Vs. Lakshadweep’ conflict, which has given rise to a lot of tensions between the two nations, it is high time that we now start appreciating the beauty that our country beholds, despite spending a huge sum of pennies on planning international trips. 

Below we have penned down the 10 best beaches to visit in India. These top beaches have got the perfect scenic view, no other country could provide. From experiencing a beautiful sunset in the Palolem Beach in Goa, to engaging in some enthralling, jaw-dropping beaches in Gokarna in Karnataka, we decided to cover some of the best beaches you could visit, and contribute your part towards exploring India. So, wait no more and join us as we take you to a journey through our article to India’s top best beaches. Have a look down here!

1. Radhanagar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Quite often referred to as Asia’s best beaches, Radhanagar beach is located at Havelock Island, on the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands, between India and Thailand. Also known as beach number 7, Radhanagar can undoubtedly please a visitor’s mind and soul with its serene views, fine sand, clear water, and pleasant weather. It is also ranked as one of the cleanest beaches in India. 


2. Bekal Beach, Kerala 

Only a kilometer away from the Bekal Fort, this beach lies in the northern edge of Kerala, in the southern part of the country. Bekal beach comes in the list of best beaches to visit in India, known for its lush green gardens and art installations. The Bekal Fort came into focus as a backdrop after a song sequence of ‘Bombay’ movie was shot there. For wanderers seeking tranquility in the laps of nature, this is the best beach to visit.

3. Palolem Beach, Goa

If you love watching sunsets and are a fan of peaceful locations, then Palolem beach is the perfect destination for you. Many tourists ditch the noisy beaches in the north part of Goa, and search for calmness that only the southern part of Goa can provide. Attracting both domestic and international visitors, Palolem is a home to some famous adventurous sea sports and other activities like Ayurveda classes and hot massages. One of the best beaches in India, this place is a must visit when in Goa. 

4. Mandarmani, West Bengal

Mandarmani is a four hour drive away from Kolkata and is a fast-developing resort beach. What has attracted the attention of travelers are the crawling red crabs that can be sometimes spotted on the sands of the beach. It was once considered to be the longest drivable beach in India. One among the top cleanest beaches of the country, Mandarmani gives a retreat to people with its calm waves and vistas. 

5. Minicoy, Lakshadweep

Lakshwadweep is quite famous for its Minicoy Island, situated at an isolated location far away from urban noises. It is known for Tuna fishing, and also has a Tuna-canning factory on the island which processes the catch. Tourists are seen flocking to this part of Lakshadweep for its serene natural views, while also indulging in snorkeling and having walks by the shore early in the mornings. 

6. Gokarna Beaches, Karnataka

In its vast expanse, Gokarna offers a bouquet of beaches situated at minimum distances from each other. To experience liveliness and vibrance, one must visit the colorful cafes of these beaches to taste the best sea foods. However, for a perfect view, the Half Moon beach is the most renowned here. These beaches have occupied their place among the top 10 best beaches to visit in India. 

7. Puri, Odisha

With a tinge of spirituality, the Puri beach of Odisha is the most preferred getaway for the eastern people of India. Home of Lord Jagannath, the place is not only known for the temple, but its beach attracts tourists for its lively atmosphere and bhang- edible marijuana which is legal in India. When in Puri, one may even witness famous sand sculptures on the sands of the beach, created by its very own Sudershan Patnaik, internationally acclaimed sand artist. For a much quieter experience, visitors may move to the peaceful shores of Balighai and Chandrabhaga in the north.  

8. Shivrajpur Beach, Gujarat

For people who worship cleanliness, Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka, Gujarat can be a preferable destination. Making its name under the top 10 cleanest beaches in India, it got its Blue Flag Beach Certification in October 2020. This place can be easily reached by flights or trains, and if you are lucky enough, you can even spot dolphins swimming in the azure blue waters or catch beautiful birds around. This place is well-equipped with first-aid facilities, washrooms, and recliners by the shore, and is an untouched beauty situated away from the hustles of city life. 

9. Kalapathar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Even if you have time constraints, a 30-45 minute visit to Kalapathar is worth the view. A hub for scuba diving enthusiasts and non-swimmers, the Kalapathar beach promises to mesmerize you with its crystal clear aqua green waters and unusual landscapes of dead corals deposited on the white sands. We recommended this beauty appropriate for photography lovers or those looking for ideal honeymoon destinations. 

10. Butterfly Beach, Goa

The reason why you shouldn’t miss the Butterfly beach in South Goa is its beautiful semi-circled, butterfly shape. Abiding by its name, you can also view thousands of colorful butterflies flying over the hilltop blossoms. It is at the north of Palolem beach and can be easily reached through a short boat ride from nearby beaches. One who is keen about exploring aquatic life may visit butterfly beach once for its adventure activities that invite you to have a look at the marine world. Due to its limited accessibility, this beach is the most preferred destination for tourists visiting Goa. 

Now that we have listed the top 10 best beaches to visit in India, it is time to pack your bags and get out on an unforgettable journey. These 10 most beautiful beaches, along with their exotic and picturesque sceneries, are far better than any international attractions. Each location has something unique to offer, whether it is their crystal clear waters, or the rare sights of dolphins. So the next time you plan a trip to a beachy destination, do not forget to check out for these places and other breathtaking beaches of India. No matter if it is an adventurous trip with your friends squad, a family vacation, or a romantic escape, these beautiful beaches are your options for a journey-of-a-lifetime!

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