Explore Peace of Mind: Top 10 Safest Places for Solo Female Travelers in India

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Top 10 Safest Places for Solo Female Travelers in India

Top 10 Safest Places for Solo Female Travelers in India

India is a land of beauty, and every corner of it has something which offers a visual retreat to the eyes. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, there is always something unique to find in the many destinations it has to offer, and ought not be missed. While scrolling through our social media feeds, we might come across our male friends traveling through the Indian landscape, in the quest of something adventurous or mere exploration. But unlike them, the female race is not privileged enough to travel alone in their own country as often there are concerns about their safety and wellbeing. 

In this article, we have mentioned 10 safest places for solo female travelers in, which along with providing mental peace can ease their worries of traveling alone without having to fear safety. Now is the time to explore the unexplored soul within you, ladies! Come along as we move further.


Unraveling the Safest Places for Solo Female Travelers in India

  • Kovalam


Kovalam proves to be one of the safest places for solo female travelers. Located in Kerala, it has some of the best beaches in south India, namely Lighthouse beach, Kovalam beach, and Hawa beaches. Besides, it is also known to have some of the most exotic and surreal beach resorts on the bay of the vast Arabian Sea, which provide an opportunity to travelers, especially females, to relax and rejuvenate before they resume their usual lives. To enjoy an uninterrupted solo trip, the best time to visit Kovalam is between September to March. 

  • Rishikesh


You surely don’t want to miss this beauty of Uttarakhand known as Rishikesh when you are an adventure-spirited traveler. Safe for solo female travelers, Rishikesh is popular for its enthralling water activities such as river rafting, or only if you are a fan of serene views. The lush green Garhwali Himalayas and the mighty Ganges are enough to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Plus, greeting the local residents and indulging in soulful conversations with them adds the cherry on the cake. Rishikesh can be visited at any point of the year. 

  • Pondicherry


Next in the list of safest places for solo female travelers is Pondicherry. This French Colony is famous for its hidden gems like its pristine beaches and Auroville. Surrounded by streets lined up with trees and classic French architecture, Pondicherry with its beautiful landscapes will make you fall in love with its beauty. Pro tip- Don’t forget to try their mouth watering sea-food delicacies with a tinge of French cuisine which are a delightful retreat to the taste buds. 

  • Goa


If you think that Goa won’t serve as a safe option for female travelers traveling alone, you must try that out now. With its vibrant nightlife, you won’t need a co-traveler to party with on Goa’s sea shores; you can do it on your own. Stroll alone on the shores of the beaches or enjoy the local Goan cuisine, either way you are assured a safe and memorable stay on the lands of the mesmerizing state. And for a more secured experience, try out the places to visit in North Goa. 

  • Bangalore


Did you know that Bangalore too came in the category of safest places for solo female travelers? Although a metropolis, it is considered to be a very safe place for females, treasuring some of Karnataka’s beautiful historic sites, parks, and gardens. Being a tech hub, many people including the women population migrate to Bangalore for better career opportunities. Along with tourist attractions to offer, the city is also known for its outstanding dining and shopping experiences. 

  • Nainital


One of the many safest places for solo female travelers is Nainital, which is nestled in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Covered by green mountains on all sides and having a serene and beautiful lake in its laps, Nainital proves to be in favor of women safety. Travelers can enjoy boat rides on Naini lake, walk through the Mall Road, or enjoy breathtaking views from Tiffin Top, Snow View, and China Peak. Once you enter Nainital, peace of mind follows you wherever you go. 

  • Sikkim


On the eastern side of India lies Sikkim, better known as the ‘abode of God.’ Safeguarding its female visitors, the state has a cordial and heartwarming atmosphere towards its tourists. It is an untouched beauty, providing a serene view of the Eastern Himalayas and colorful valleys. If you want to know Buddhism better, Sikkim has got you covered with its Buddhist monasteries and diverse Buddhist culture. 

  • Varanasi


Crowned as the holiest and most ancient places of India, Varanasi is a reflection of India’s rich cultures and traditions. Homing the many ghats, Varanasi is a peaceful getaway for solo travelers looking for tranquility in this huge mundane world. Be a part of the pristine Ganga aarti and visit the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, and you will be relieved from all your worldly stresses and worries. Varanasi not only attracts Indian female travelers, but one can find many foreign women at temples, around the ghats, or even at some ashrams. 

  • Udaipur


In the vast expanse of Rajasthan lies the royal city of Udaipur, the capital of the former Mewar Kingdom. Women having an inclination towards the rich history and imperialism must try this beautiful place. Each and every corner of the “City of Lakes” narrates tales of valor and courage, embedded in the hues of royalty and traditions. The best time to visit Udaipur is between October and March because of the pleasant weather it experiences. 

  • Shimla


The last to make it in the list of safest places for solo female travelers is Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The “Queen of Hills” can be the perfect solo travel destination for women who want a holiday without worrying about their safety and security. The city has easy connectivity from places like Delhi and Chandigarh, facilitating transportation. When in Shimla, visiting the Christ Church, Mall Road, Jakhoo Hill and Temple, and the Viceregal Lodge are some famous tourist attractions that are worth paying a visit. 

These top 10 Indian places are some of the safest places for solo female travelers that present a bounty of beautiful natural landscapes. Not only do they make experiences memorable, but also ensure that safety of women is kept on utmost priority. With times evolving, India has taken significant measures in making tourism secure and empowering for its solo female travelers, involving them in cherished adventures and long lasting impressions for a lifetime. This article is a shoutout to all  the ladies out there to go out and explore the world around them, without having to wait for company or worry about safety.

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