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Plotters Ink is a homegrown creative agency born out of the passion for creating superlative work for industries that traditionally had little or no budgets to partner with the mainline advertising agencies. Over the last 9 years, Plotters Ink has been consistently partnering and providing brands with strategic, design, and creative support to achieve their communication needs. With a young team at hand Plotters Ink started its journey with its 2 cofounders cramped up in busy coffee shops trying to win over clients and explaining the importance of good design and communication. This has now transformed into a young team of professionals with mixed skills and
talents working hard to deliver the dreams brewed over cups of coffee.


We are now a homegrown creative agency that competes with the biggies of the advertising world with ideas,
thoughts, and world-class design execution to back it. How does a homegrown advertising agency compete with global ad agencies was a question once posed to us by an industry stalwart. The way we saw it, we actually had an advantage. We were faster and more agile, we were at par with design quality and ideas, and more personal and involved than global agencies could ever be. We are the new generation of advertising, the home grown, we understand that advertising is more than just being glamorous, it is a necessity and should be made available to every business that wants to have a voice. We are here for them.

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