Understand Why Design Plays A Major Role When It Comes To Establishing Credibility In Your Business

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Businesses have gone beyond using visiting cards and flyers as their only design assets as times have progressed, and technology has given many more avenues for them to market themselves.

Design assets have specific functions when it comes to a business. The first important aspect is creating an identity for your brand.

With so many different avenues through which your business can be exposed to your audience, a uniform design language spread across all the different assets is an absolute necessity.

From your website to your brand logo, social media creatives, and online ads, good design can be the only difference between acquiring a new customer and a lost opportunity.

Tyton Media research shows that 48% of the people surveyed said that for them, the website design of a brand is the determining factor for assessing its credibility and authenticity.

Understand Why Design Plays A Major Role When It Comes To Establishing Credibility In Your Business

Given that almost half of the people who visit your website form their first impression based on the design of your website, you should be investing a substantial amount of money in making it appealing, smart and impactful.

Moreover, your brand’s logo is equally impactful. In the first 10 seconds in which someone forms an opinion about your brand, 13% of the time, your brand’s logo catches your attention, and 71.6% of the time, a unique and memorable logo is likely to get a positive response from your visitor.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to invest in good designs to ensure that your business attracts the clients that you want as well as grow into something bigger and profitable.

1. Make A Strong First Impression

Good design is using different elements such as shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and forms in a visually attractive manner to tell a story about your business or brand. But it also hinges on the idea of how strong your brand identity is.

The first element when it comes to brand identity is your logo. We already spoke about how important it is when it comes to creating a lasting impression on your target audience, often facilitating acquiring new business and clients.

A good logo is the difference between being recognizable and getting lost in a crowd of me-too brands. It takes only 10 seconds for a person to form an impression of your logo, so you have to make the most of it to make it memorable for them!

The same holds for your website design and physical packaging of your brand and its products. Eye-catching graphics, clean design, and colors that embody your brand’s values go a long way in helping clients form a good or bad first impression.

Hence, using templatized logos or design is not the way to go for your brand. Invest in a designer or illustrator and come up with a brand design that is minimal yet recognizable and different from all your competitors.

2. Help Your Business Stand Out

Every business has its own set of competitions. Whichever sector you are playing in, there will always be at least one brand that provides a similar or the same service and products as you.

So, what sets you apart from your competitor?

Your product might have differentiating factors, but how would you get people to even check it out in the first place is your real challenge. Good design, whether its packaging or social media posts or your digital ads, lets you spark that interest in the mind of your customer.

For example, if a person who has no idea about Postmate and is shown a post from their social media, rife with humor and smart wordplay combined with a minimalistic design language, they would be intrigued to check out the app and probably even order from it!

3. Build Customer Relationships

Good designs can be used to make emotional connections with existing and potential customers. You can use color, illustrations, layouts, and fonts to connect with your clients in an impactful and memorable way.

Your designs should also reflect the values that your company or brand is built on. For example, ‘Love Beauty & Planet’ is a cruelty-free, vegan, earth-friendly personal care brand, and the design of each of their packages reflects their softness and care towards the earth.

If you are an agent who is looking to sell houses, you are actually selling dreams and aspirations. You can incorporate these real estate marketing ideas in your communications to build a stronger customer connection. Check this link right here now to know more about real estate marketing.
Your designs can tell stories that can communicate to your audience about how caring, or fun, or sincere your brand is. Through the use of the various design elements in hand, you can build loyal customer relationships and keep them coming back to your brand!

4. Keep Your Website or App Easy-To-Use

Design is not only for making your website or app looking fancy and smart. Its also about making it accessible and comfortable for use by your clients.

The reason why most of us like the apps that we do is because of their design and how beautifully that integrates its functionality. CRED, a credit card payment app, does both with absolute ease.

The app has a smart and sleek design that is both dynamic and sophisticated and integrates its primary functions into this simple interface such that anyone will be able to pay their bills in merely a couple of clicks!

5. Maintain Consistency Across Communications

Your design language is a part of your brand identity. You won’t see Starbucks using a logo that is anything but green at any of their stores. And if you do, you would immediately know that it is a knock-off cafe pretending to be Starbucks!

Similarly, using the right brand elements in a consistent manner, you can ensure that your brand’s design story is not all over the place. Be it sharing video marketing tips or engaging with your audience on social media, make sure your branding is the same across.

Consistency makes your brand recognizable, credible, and trustworthy, along with making it easy for you to create new designs for its assets.


Great design never fails. Investing in a team of illustrators, graphic designers, and UI/UX professionals is a very smart move on the part of every entrepreneur and, therefore, is as good as necessary!

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