Breaking Barriers: Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

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Top Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

What qualities are required to be a successful entrepreneur? Some of the major traits of a successful entrepreneur are leadership qualities, creativity, honesty, discipline, willingness to try things, and so on. So, tell us if any of these traits mention gender. No, because the traits of any leader or entrepreneur are not based on gender but on the ability of a person, whether a man, woman, or other. However, the sick mentality of patriarchal society still wants women to remain within the four walls of their households. Despite breaking many barriers, women’s identities are still questionable. Through this article, we are talking about successful Women Entrepreneurs In India whose journeys need to be told. 

To address this issue, we are present here to talk about Women Entrepreneurs in India. We know that women are excelling in every field, but their journey in entrepreneurship is still not fully recognised. Despite contributing to increasing the Indian economy and generating jobs, their identities are always overshadowed. Through this article, we are trying to erase the taboo that women are not bad leaders or can’t run a profitable business. Several examples are around us who are the top contributors to the socio-economic development of India through their profitable businesses. 

But before sharing the list of successful women entrepreneurs in India, we want to share that several women entrepreneurs in India are known for their groundbreaking achievements and for establishing successful startups. However, their names are surely not so famous, but their brands or products are used all over the globe, including Shopclues, Biocon Ltd., Zivame, and so on. Surprisingly, our nation is listed in the third position for having the highest number of women entrepreneurs in India, and most of these women entrepreneurs started their businesses from scratch. 

Top Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

The list of successful women entrepreneurs in India is quite long, but it is quite hard to gather all of them in one article. Due to that, in this article, we will only talk about those women entrepreneurs in India whose contributions are quite high to Indian economic growth and who are earning millions or billions. 

1. Roshni Nadar Malhotra: The chairperson of HCL Technologies, is not only known as a successful woman entrepreneur in India but also known for attaining the position of one of the richest women. In 2020, Nadar became the first woman in the nation to lead a listed IT firm. She has a great contribution to the development of the brand of HCL Group. 

2. Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi: Indra Nooyi is an inspiration for every entrepreneur. Her illustrious journey explains why she is known among “Successful women entrepreneurs in India”. The Chennai-born lady has been the CEO of PepsiCo for 12 years. Before being appointed as the CEO, she worked in numerous positions at PepsiCo. Under her leadership, the revenues of PepsiCo grew at 5.5% annually. In addition to her achievements, she was the first woman of color and the first immigrant to head a Fortune 50 company. 

3. Kiran Majumdar Shaw: In the world of entrepreneurship, Kiran is a well-known name. She is a great example of dedication, hard work and strong commitment. She started her business from scratch and turned it into the largest Initially, she did not want to be an entrepreneur as she wanted to be a brewmaster just like her father but her destiny brought her into the biopharmaceutical industry and with her impressive business tactics she laid down her company in India. The journey of the Chairperson and Managing Director of Biocon India is quite interesting and inspirational. She laid down her company in 1978 and soon owned the title of the first Pischia-based rh-insulin provider in the world. 

4. Devita Saraf: It will not be justified if we don’t mention Devita Saraf in the list of “Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India”. From a very young age, she started working under the supervision of her father in his company “Zenith Computer” and by the age of 21, she became the director of marketing. With her hard work, zeal and dedication, she became the CEO of Zenith Computers. Soon after, she decided to start her venture and established Vu Group which is a high-end consumer electronics firm. Her venture became the best-selling Indian-owned TV company globally. Not only this, she also established The Young Bombay Forum. 

5. Indu Jain: Indu Jain was one of the most successful “Women Entrepreneurs In India.” She fulfilled her duties as the CEO and founder of Bennett Coleman & Co. Limited. This company owns a popular and recognised Times Group. It is worth noting that many renowned publications came under this group, including The Times of India (the largest-selling English daily), The Economic Times (the second most-read financial newspaper in the world), and a few television channels like Movies Now and Times Now. During her leadership, the venture experienced immense success, which was pretty visible in the previous revenue report of the company. Although she is not between us any more, her principles are still followed by the company. This is the reason that the company is flourishing and increasing its revenue. At present, the company’s revenue is more than $1.5 billion.

6. Vandana Luthra: Vandana Luthra Curles and Curves (VLCC) Health Care’s founder and chairperson truly deserves to be on the list of most successful “Women Entrepreneurs In India”. Under her leadership, the VLCC spread its arms in Asia, Africa and The GCC. No doubt, today her company is one of the largest beauty and wellness conglomerates globally. Due to her great contribution to the skincare, beauty & wellness industry, she owned the title of “Queen of Wellness”. She has received a host of awards for excellence and entrepreneurship over the years including the fourth-highest civilian honour of India- Padma Shri in 2013 for her contribution to trade and industry. As of now, the operating revenues of VLCC range between INR 100 cr-500 cr for the financial year ending on 31st March 2023. 

7. Falguni Nayar: The brand of Falguni Nayar is available in every household. From make-up to beauty products everything is easily available on Nykaa with just one click. This is the reason that the company is ruling in the e-commerce market and all the credit goes to its the CEO and founder of the beauty brand. She is one of the most powerful and successful women entrepreneurs in India. The e-commerce website was founded in 2012 and within a short period, this website has sold over 3 million products related to fashion, wellness and beauty. This is the hard work of Falguni and the company has more than 100 physical stores after selling the products online.

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