Ways to Keep Your Digital Marketing Unaffected by this Quarantine

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Ways to Keep Your Digital Marketing Unaffected by this Quarantine

Ways to Keep Your Digital Marketing Unaffected by this Quarantine

Coronavirus has become the talk of the town. The unfortunate truth is that the virus is spreading at an incredibly fast rate and will not subside any time soon. With a substantial amount of cases and the numbers growing exponentially every day, it is impossible to tell how far will be its effect in the coming times. The pandemic has already sparked fears of a global recession and has caused the stock markets to plummet. This means that even the countries that are not affected by the virus will also take a hit.

Digital Marketing Tips to Keep Your Business Running:

Take the necessary steps to retain your existing customer base. You need to maintain contact with your customers, or you may risk them losing them entirely. It is better to keep current customers than to get new ones. You can support this communication through marketing automation. It is arguably the most convenient and cost-effective way to stay in touch with your customers. Here, you send a personal, contextually relevant message to your existing customers to maintain some form of contact with them. Regularly following this routine will ensure your audience remains engaged and loyal.

Content Marketing:

This will be the most prominent part of your digital marketing campaigns. Retaining your existing customers will depend on how you strategize your content during this pandemic. You can focus on the current developments in the industry or show your customers how different your products are from your rivals. Curate new content on the basis where your audience can reciprocate with it. Your content should have an intricate value that the audience deems as relevant. Consider the current situations the people are facing due to the self-isolation criteria that has been placed. Curating content that people find it helpful during this quarantine period will help your brand take notice amongst the audience. Make sure you are utilizing the entire gamut of platforms for social media since everyone is on one due to self-isolation.


Try to interact more with your audience. In the time of social distancing, you should be bringing your audience closer to your brand through social media platforms. Create an efficient plan to reach out to your customer’s at all social media funnels. Listen to their grievances and interests to get more insights into your industry. Socializing with your audience helps your brand to be personified. Continue personifying your brand ever after all the crisis is over since it is incredibly helpful in building a voice for your brand.

Prospective customers: 

This is the time where you should be investing more in developing your brand awareness and gaining greater visibility. Doing so will ensure more visitors head over to your website and stays engaged with your brand. The mere exposure is a marketing effect in which consumers develop a liking for your services or products just because they are familiar with them. In times like these, it proves to be incredibly vital. Marketing your business right now may seem a bit impractical, but it will earn the long-term benefits. This is the time to build a base for your brand and market as much as possible. Digital marketing is the way to go right now since everything else has been held up due to the crisis. Sure, there’s television for marketing, but comparing it to digital marketing, the advantages digital marketing carries are far more superior. Even your prospective customers will be spending more time on the internet than on TV.

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Update the existing content:

If you run a blog, it is the best possible way for your business to engage your customers. Revising this content and refining it to improve your rankings will help keep the audience engaged, find more new viewers and get better results on search engine result pages. Update your content that helps revitalize your brand in a way where your audience finds it valuable during the time of this crisis. Your content should be aligned to the current propositions; helping your audience find relevancy to follow and engage with your brand.

Optimize your conversions:

Conversion rate optimization is a cost-effective way to maximize your profit while being incredibly productive. The steps involved in CRO involves making gradual changes to the existing content and layout of your website that will encourage visitors to take a specific action. You can optimize your conversion by sharing positive stories and social proof of your business’s quality. You can post case studies, reviews, recommendations, etc. that can help optimize your marketing strategy. Make sure your customers are getting the best user experience on your website. Ensure that your users get a smooth, enjoyable experience for every moment spent on your website. As healthcare officials have advised people to stay back home, the time spent online by the people will be at an all-time high. You can make use of their time by providing your users and prospects with memorable user experience. User experience plays a vital role in your conversions and these optimizations will be the best way to gain valuable customers.

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Performance evaluation:

You need to be evaluating your performance at regular intervals. Assessments help you see what things are going right, what’s not, and how you can make things better. A detailed report will help you align your strategy as per your business goals. This way, you will be able to hit your targets and be en route to success without deviating your initial plans. Regular performance evaluations will help to see whether your strategies are working or not. Check for issues and errors that aren’t enabling you to achieve your goals. These analytics will help keep your strategies aligned with your goals and help find success with ease.


Digital will be the resort for many in this pandemic. Make sure your digital marketing plans are being revised to suit the current situations. All steps should reciprocate with your brand to being relevant and helpful for your audience during these torrid times. These will help you cushion your business from the ill-effects of this pandemic. Here’s to happy digital marketing!

Authors Bio – Abhijit Mandavkar is a Digital Marketing Manager. He plans and coordinates marketing activities of ValueHits, a full-service Digital Marketing Agency based in Mumbai, India. With his experience and expert knowledge in the field, he identifies potential customers and develops marketing campaigns. Also, he is efficient enough to meet the client’s requirements and well-organized in handling multiple tasks.

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