Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited: India’s Largest B2C Integrated Diagnostic Chain

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Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited: India’s Largest B2C Integrated Diagnostic Chain

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited: India’s Largest B2C Integrated Diagnostic Chain

Eminent and NABL and NABH accredited diagnostic chain, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited is the only diagnostic service provider with over 140 centers spread across 20 cities of the country. With a skilled workforce of 2500+ professionals, including top-class radiologists and pathologists, it stands as a trusted B2C brand empaneled with 500+ public and private companies.
Vijaya Diagnostics has completed a journey of 40 years in the medical field, assisting its patients with world-class equipment of standard quality and best-in-town customer-centric services. They are the pioneers of the first
dual-source CT in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Their service packages go beyond just healthcare checkups; they promote the safety of their customers’ emotional and physical well-being by being an advisor to preventive care and lifestyle management at every step of their treatment.
In a resourceful conversation, Ms. Suprita Reddy, MD and CEO of Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, takes us on a visionary voyage of her venture and shares detailed insights about the brand with us.
The company was established by Dr. S. Surendranath Reddy in 1981, with its first branch in Himayat Nagar. Dr. Reddy is considered to be the backbone behind the emergence of the brand. They offer the finest diagnostic services in radiology and pathology, and over the period of its evolution, they have introduced high-end technologies and machinery into their labs, which marks them as leading healthcare service providers in the industry.
Taking over the throne, Ms. Suprita Reddy heads Vijaya Diagnostics, under whose leadership the company has prospered from six centers in 2002 to now spanning across the nation with 140+ centers in 20 cities. Under her command, the company earned a revenue of Rs. 459.2 crore in FY23 with a net profit of
84.6 crore and FY24 H1 Revenue is 259.9 Cr with a Net profit of 59.5 Crs.

The distinctive business model of Vijaya Diagnostics, which suggests providing all diagnostic services under a single roof, has kept the brand ahead of its competitors. This has also fostered a customer-centric approach, making everything accessible to the customers without having to run here and there in

search of tests and treatments. The company’s hub-and-spoke model has earned it a huge reputation in the customer space, hence providing it with a pathway for sustaining its success in the future.
Acquiring the PH Diagnostic Centre in Pune adds another feather to the cap of the brand, as this marks its presence in Western India too. It is constantly looking for acquisition opportunities, further exhibiting its strategic moves to conquer major parts of the country with its capabilities and services. The company envisions introducing innovation, enhancing market position, and strengthening overall impact in the industry with an approach that focuses on future growth and sustenance in the industry.
When we asked Ms. Reddy about potential challenges that they faced, she shared that the transition period of inheriting the business from her father was a task, as it demanded considerable confidence and acceptance from the team.
But, with a feeling of preparedness for change and dedication to effective leadership, navigating this challenge became easier. Another obstacle was persistently revamping business models with a hub-and-spoke approach.
While wrapping up the conversation, Ms. Reddy shared a very inspiring quote with us, which should be a must-follow success mantra for every individual who wishes to succeed in their life. She said, ‘The path to success is to have an aim and goal in life and the grit and determination to work towards achieving them, no matter how hard the road is or how many challenges one might have to encounter and overcome in the process. But nobody should stop believing that a never-say-die attitude towards life and the boldness to step out of one’s comfort zone are crucial for success. Additionally, think about “humility being the most important virtue and that it should be coupled with dedication, hard work, and a burning zeal to make things happen.”‘

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