Autism Awareness Day 2024: Embracing Differences and Celebrating Uniqueness

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Autism Awareness Day 2024: Embracing Differences and Celebrating Uniqueness

“Autism is as much a part of humanity as is the capacity of dream”-Kathleen Seidel. As the world celebrates Autism Awareness Day today April 2, 2024, this is a reminder to every individual to create a more inclusive and supportive community for those who are affected. Autism can be defined as a cluster of characteristics that may affect the way specific individuals interact, communicate, learn, and behave with each other. This day provides a platform for people to understand the needs and capacities of individuals from the autism spectrum and foster a community that embraces the special ones. 

Autism Awareness Day 2024- Theme

This year’s theme for World Autism Awareness Day is ‘Empowering Autistic Voices.’ This is much about the overall idea of empowering people with special needs and supporting them in different areas of life, hence bringing them to the spotlight. This is a way of addressing the fact that individuals with autism are not disabled people, but they too form an integral part of our community and their contributions to society are as important as any normal person’s. 

Here’s what all you need to know about autism

Autism is mostly prevalent in children from a very young age. It is a neurological and developmental disorder and the extreme causes that may contribute to it include extreme prematurity or low birth weight, prenatal exposure to air pollution, maternal obesity, diabetes, or immune system disorders. Sometimes, genetic factors may also lead to early signs of autism spectrum disorders in children.


The term was first phrased in 1911 by German psychiatrist Eugene Bleuler. It was used to describe the most severe symptoms of schizophrenia, a term which too was formed by him. According to Bleuler, autism refers to those childly notions and feelings that stand against the worldly realities of life. These realities are then replaced by fantasies and hallucinations.

On November 1, 2007, the United Nations designated a separate day to spread awareness and increase understanding about autism among the general public. Since then, World Autism Awareness Day came into being, instilling a feeling of acceptance and inclusivity for the autistic community throughout the world.

Autism in India

India has recorded a relatively higher number of autistic children lately.  A 2021 study published by the Indian School of Pediatrics suggests that every 1 among 68 children in the country suffers from autism. The ratio of autistic boys is more than that of girls, which sums the comparison to 3:1. Not many parents give much attention to their kid’s special needs, often dismissing their unusual characteristics as childish behaviors. Thus, the need for early intervention and diagnosis arises. 

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There are no specific treatments for autism that assure to eradicate the disorder. However certain therapies may help minimize the symptoms and maximize abilities. Early intervention by parents can also help in taking precautionary measures beforehand so that the child does not get affected in the long run. Some treatment options include:-

  1. Cognitive behavior therapy
  2. Behavioral management therapy
  3. Joint attention therapy
  4. Educational and school-based therapies
  5. Medications
  6. Nutritional therapy
  7. Speech therapy
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