Ayodhya Becomes Catalyst for Economic Growth and Prosperity

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Ayodhya Becomes Catalyst for Economic Growth and Prosperity

Business Activity and Trade Surpasses Rs. 1.25 Lakh Crore in Ayodhya

The inauguration and Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Lalla held on the auspicious day Monday, 22 Jan 2024. One of the biggest and largest ceremonies which was awaited for more than 500 years had taken the shape of reality. And the impact of this event is going to be visible in the form of monetary figures. The arrival of Ram Lalla in the city of Ayodhya has not only played a religious factor but also acted in different categories including booming employment and state tourism. This term is the reflection of the monetary figure of the business activities going on in Ayodhya listing Uttar Pradesh as one of the richer states in India. 

Simply stated Ram Lalla has brought Laxmi (goddess of wealth, fortune, power and prosperity) with him too in Ayodhya. According to numerous reports, the consecration of the Ram Temple has triggered a substantial rise in the tertiary sector which showcased trade worth Rs 40,000 crore. No doubt, these figures have added a new chapter in the history of the Indian economy with the addition of Rs 1.25 Lakh crore worth of business. The reports of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) show the revenue that has been generated in Ayodhya and it has been possible due to the selling of goods across the country as pilgrims went on a spending spree in the context of the inauguration of Ram Mandir. 

As per the report of CAIT, around Rs 40,000 crore of trade was alone recorded from UP and Rs 25,000 crore from Delhi. The national president of CAIT has expressed their happiness over these huge figures which has been only possible due to the faith and devotion of devotees. As per Praveen Khandelwal and BC Bhartia, national presidents of CAIT, it has happened for the first time in the history of India that such huge figures of money have come into the markets just only from businesses. 

While addressing the media, the national presidents said that the happiest and most remarkable thing is that all the commerce activities are done by small entrepreneurs and small owners which is now evident in the economic liquidity. Mr. Khandelwal states that because of the inauguration of the Ram Temple, several new opportunities in the trade & commerce sector have appeared in the nation, and it also helps to reduce unemployment and provide a large working space. We are glad that the inauguration is helping to boost entrepreneurship and working as a platform to add new dimensions in the business sector. 

In the context of promoting trade, CAIT is thinking of holding a seminar in Delhi, however, the exact day or date is not disclosed yet. Mr. Khandelwal also shared that as part of the “Har Sheher Ayodhya, Har Ghar Ayodhya”, 30,000+ small and large business organisations all over India conducted 1.5+ million programmes. Noteworthy, is that the campaign was organised between 1st Jan to 22nd Jan 2024. In these programmes, there were 5,000 processions in markets apart from 2,000 processions, 2,500 musical and religious events and more than 1,000 dialogue events were held. 

Apart from that, on the day of Pran Pratishtha, 15,000 LED screens were put in markets and chants of Akhand Ramayan, Sundarkand and Hanuman Chalisa. From the business point of view, 40,000+ businesses were held in numerous places. Furthermore, Ram Mandir models, hanging decorations, garlands and bangles have witnessed a rise of millions of sales in the nation. CAIT also listed the sales of dry fruits and sweets which played a crucial role in adding figures. It is just a beginning as it is expected that trade and commerce will flourish more in Ayodhya and other religious states across the country.

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