HR Warning: Employee Caught Wasting Work Hours on Social Media and E-commerce Platforms

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Warning: Employee Caught Wasting Work Hours on Social Media and E-commerce Platforms

HR Warning to Employee for Using Social Media and Netflix at Work

How dedicatedly are you to working in your office during work hours? Surely, most of you will say that you are giving your 100 per cent productivity during work hours but trust us many of you like to waste your work hours by indulging in personal activities. Some surely like to use office property for their personal use which is not entirely wrong but stealing them is also not right. Such facilities are provided by the company to make the working environment smooth but some people create problems by taking unfair advantage. If you are one of those who likes to waste their working hours by indulging in personal activities then this news is for you. 

Recently, a LinkedIn user identified as Sumit Mishra shared an incident on the social media platform and talked about how one of his friends came under fire after using working hours for her unrelated job responsibilities.

HR of her company has issued a “warning” notice to her in which she informed him how she is using social media platforms and e-commerce platforms during working hours. She was even found stealing office property for her personal use. The friend of Mishra is identified as Rishika who received a warning mail from HR for using Instagram during work hours. The warning mail also disclosed how she used the company’s time, electricity and internet for her personal use. In the mail, HR informed her how she used, Netflix, and at the time of work hours. 

It is not the first time that she was caught wasting work hours for her personal use as she has already received a casual warning from the company for involving such unofficial activities. In the official warning mail, HR wrote to Rishika “Please remember, we already gave you a casual warning last week when you were caught watching Babli Khan interviews while on duty! Many of your colleagues have also reported that you and Shreya carry coffee pouches, sugar sachets, Maggie, forks, and disposable plates from the pantry for personal use. Please note that stealing products from office property is strictly prohibited.”

This post has raised a serious concern about how employees are deceiving the company by wasting their duty hours for their personal use as well as stealing products that are provided to them for their office use. It might not look like a big issue but it’s disheartening to learn about the informal practices of some employees which create problems for other colleagues. Speaking of the post, it was shared on LinkedIn two days ago. Since then it has accumulated a lot of attention and received more than 400 likes and the numbers of views and likes are constantly increasing. This post is particularly trending on social media platforms and people are sharing their thoughts over this. Several netizens are commenting on it and sharing their reactions and comments in the comment section. 

One of the reactions read, “I think HR is right. It is not okay to steal things when they are small. It is not okay to earn money hourly but waste it.”

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Another wrote, “That’s a tough situation. It’s good that they communicated their concern clearly. Maybe it’s a chance to revisit how to balance personal time and work. Hope it gets sorted out smoothly.”

The third user said, “Such clear communication is highly required as well! The company provides a salary for working, not for our extracurricular activities, and to steal company property is showing a poor mindset.”

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