Lenovo’s Vision for AI PCs: Beyond Copilot

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After Microsoft, Lenovo will soon join the league of having Artificial Intelligence features in their products. The multinational tech company is all set to introduce exclusive AI features on its PCs which will be different from Microsoft’s Copilot. The vision behind introducing these features is to provide a different experience to its customers. Lenovo users are looking forward to knowing what exactly the vision of the company is and how their products will be different from other companies working in similar domains. At present, What Microsoft’s Copilot chatbot can accomplish on hardware built especially to handle AI workloads and powered by Windows 11 is the main selling point for AI PCs. 

However, the Chinese-American multinational technology company is already aspiring and working on providing unique and different experiences to satisfy the needs and requirements of its customers. During an event organized by the Lenovo Innovate in Bangkok, Leon Yu, Consumer Business Lead at Lenovo Asia Pacific talked about the planning and vision behind bringing exclusive AI features to PCs and how it will be different from other companies who have already introduced these features in their products. 

He said during an interview with a media outlet “A lot more things will come out that make us different compared to our competitors. While they are still using the standard Copilot, we will have something very different on top of that.” With this statement, it is clear that Lenovo’s work will be different from Microsoft’s. Lenovo’s own AI research combined with some of the most recent developments from Microsoft could provide the PC manufacturer an advantage in the race to increase the adoption of the technology. At present, virtually all Windows PCs depend on Copilot (an AI chatbot available to use in Microsoft). This chatbot utilises the ChatGPT technology of OpenAI to create a response. 

However, Yu has not shared much about the features they are going to introduce in their PCs and denied to say anything about those “differentiated” experiences. However, he said that the strategy of their team is to transform their products that will be completely different and better from other PC brands. He further added in his statement that the developers’ team is currently working on developing the AI feature and how to bring Lenovo’s own AI features to the products on the list of working in the “pipeline”. 

According to Yu, AI is not just about the software or hardware but has more to do with the user experience. He said. “Maybe a user cannot tell right now why they need AI because it’s difficult to visualise when they are only experiencing adaptive AI. However, GenAI is also a key component for enhancing every single user experience.”

Lenovo, the biggest PC seller in the world in terms of volume, is bringing AI-capable PCs to market in response to the tech industry’s recent AI fever. According to Yu, different firms have different thinking and definitions of AI. He added, “I think our definition of AI is simple. We don’t care about the TOPS.” Tera Operations per Second or TOPS, is a metric that measures the maximum throughput of a supercomputer or circuit board with numerous processors.

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