Rumy AI-Qahtani: First Saudi Arabian to Compete in Miss Universe

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The entry of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is an unexpected and historic event that has happened for the very first time in the history of beauty pageants. One of the largest Arab countries is creating a significant milestone with its participation in the much-anticipated 73rd Miss Universe pageant. Saudi Model, Rumy AI-Qahtani will represent KSA at the event that will be held in Mexico. The fans of the beauty pageant are already excited for the event and now the participation of the 27-year-old Saudi model is like a cherry on the cake. This news is all over the media and luring a lot of attention. People are curious to know more about it.

27-year-old Saudi Model Took Her Social Media Account To Share The News

Saudi model Rumy Al-Qahtani officially shared this news through her Instagram account where she expressed her gratitude to get the opportunity to create history and represent his nation on the global stage. Her post reads, “Honored to participate in Miss Universe 2024. This is the first participation of Saudi Arabia in the Miss Universe competition.” 

She wrote this caption in Arabic on a social media platform along with photos in which she can be seen holding the Saudi Arabian flag. She looks stunning in a sequined gown and she also wears a sash that reads, “Miss Universe-Saudi Arabia”. This post has accumulated a lot of likes with numerous comments. In a talk with Arab News, she said “My contributions are to learn about world cultures and to transfer our authentic Saudi culture and heritage to the world.” 

People are also praising Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman AI Saud who dared to shed the image of a conservative country and allow a model and influencer to represent the country on an international stage.  

Who Is Rumy AI-Qahtani?

The 27-year-old model and influencer became the first candidate to represent an Arab country in a beauty pageant. AI-Qahtani is a resident of Riyadh who participated in several beauty contests including the Miss Woman International Beauty Contest, Miss Planet International, and Miss Global Asian in Malaysia. She is a true example of beauty with the brain as she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry. She is multilingual as she is fluent in French, English and of course Arabic. 

She is quite popular on Instagram as she accumulated more than one million followers who are pretty excited to watch her performance in the upcoming 73rd Miss Universe pageant. 

With her ever first participation in the 73rd Miss Universe pageant, the Arabic country is paving its path towards breaking another stereotype. However, AL-Qahtani is not solely responsible for speeding its conservative cloak Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman AI Saud is equally responsible for it and people are praising them. 

Saudi Arabia, long known for its conservatism, is underneath a transformation phase and it is happening because of the 38-year-old Prince. Under his great leadership, the country has been witnessing a steady change in its image and the loosening of tight restrictions. However, over the last few years, the country has been giving permission for women to drive, and attend mixed-gender events and full authority to apply for passports without a male guardian. 

Saudi Arabia is also looking forward to boosting tourism in their country and aims to have over 150 million tourists by 2030. 

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