New WhatsApp Feature: Set AI-Generated Images as Profile Pictures

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New WhatsApp Feature: Set AI-Generated Images as Profile Pictures

WhatsApp introduce AI-Generated Images as Profile Pictures

The famous instant messaging platform, WhatsApp has become a daily part of our life. From personal to professional work, we are using this app daily. The report states that billions of people from all corners of the world are using this app to get connected with their loved ones and for official work as well. Hence, WhatsApp must ensure the safety of its users and undoubtedly the app has always ensured safety along with a satisfactory experience.

Once again, the team of the instant messaging app is working on a new feature that will allow users to use AI-generated images as their profile pictures instead of real ones. Most people don’t like to display their photos as a profile picture and due to that, WhatsApp decided to bring a new feature for the convenience of the users. WhatsApp often brings new features to make this instant messaging app a friendly user app. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has increased over the last few years and that is why most apps are using this technology to enhance the users’ experience in upcoming years, we will be dependent on AI.  

Now speaking of the new feature that allows users to set an AI-generated image as their profile picture, this feature will be part of the latest WhatsApp beta for Android v2.24.11.17. This new feature was initially reported by WABetaInfo. It is quite useful to those who don’t like to set their photo as a profile picture and this feature ensures the privacy of the user by allowing them to set an AI-generated image. As per the report, the latest tool is speculated to display when users click on the pencil-like edit tab in the settings of the profile picture, but the instant messaging app may give it an Avatar-like treatment and put it on a dedicated tab. 

The report states that the feature is currently under development and it will soon be available to use. Apart from that, the tool of an AI-powered profile picture generator might be in the form of stickers and allow the user to create an image the way a user wants to. That means the user needs to describe which kind of image they want to generate and for that, they need to type the description. With the help of this feature, a user can generate unique and personalized images that will reflect your personality, mood and interests. 

Although the broad language model that the AI-powered functionality would employ is still unknown, WABetaInfo surmises that it will be the same platform as the recently released Meta AI search bar. As we mentioned above, the team of WhatsApp is currently working on this feature and due to that it is hard to commit when it will be out or available to use. As soon as we get to know when it will be available to use we will give an update about it. 

Besides, at the start of this month, the famous instant messaging app disclosed a new feature that does not allow a user to take screenshots of other profile pictures. This feature prevents users from taking screenshots. Apart from that, WhatsApp has launched other numerous new features in the last few weeks that include, Face ID and Touch ID-powered passwordless login, pinning multiple messages in the chat, and redesigned voice call UI.

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