World Environment Day 2024: Companies Going Green

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World Environment Day 2024: Companies Going Green

World Environment Day 2024

Some parts of the world suffer from heatwave conditions or rising temperatures and some suffer from heavy rainfall. Now these conditions indicate the rapid change in global climate and alert us that if we continue to exploit the environment like this soon things will get bitter for humans. By keeping this thing in mind, several companies plan to become greener and take the initiative toward the environment. With the vow to make the world a better place for tomorrow several companies are celebrating “World Environment Day 2024”. 

World Environment Day falls every year on 5 June and is celebrated with great pomp and show. The day is prompting us to understand the need to take initiative towards the environment and in this regard, several companies are making small changes that will surely leave a great impact on the environment. The reports state that some companies are making their plans to cut carbon emissions and looking for more sustainable options. 

To cut down greenhouse gas emissions, last year McDonald’s India-North and East transitioned 24 per cent of its food chain in Delhi to renewable (solar) energy. McDonald’s has reduced 3,822 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually by commissioning a solar panel with a capacity of 3.2 MW. The annual output of this solar panel is 4.2 million power units. This initiative might look small but it has a huge impact on the environment as this transition is equal to planting 1.6 Lakh trees. 

Talking to a media outlet, Rajeev Ranjan, MD of McDonald’s India-North and East said “Sustainability is central to McDonald’s in fostering robust and resilient food systems. Whether it is using sustainably sourced ingredients for our products and packaging material or reducing carbon footprint using renewable energy at our restaurants.”

Besides this, the hotel industry is also leaving a negative impact on the environment as to increase the tourism industry, several hotels and restaurants are increasing which ultimately causes the loss of trees. After watching the negative impacts of the rising numbers of hotels and restaurants, ITC Hotels has come up with a small change. ITC Hotels is bringing a revolutionary change by transforming most of its hotels into green buildings. Now this initiative will surely help the environment to grow. 

“ITC Hotels currently has 23 LEED Platinum hotels and is also the first 12 hotels in the world to receive LEED Zero Carbon Certification and the first 4 hotels in the world to be LEED Zero Water Certified,” states Vice President of Technical, EHS and Sustainability, ITC Hotel, Mr HC Vinayaka. 

Not only ITC but several hotel chains are also looking for options of sustainability to eliminate the use of plastic and optimum water. Their focus is shifting towards sustainability and minimising the use of other resources that are harmful to the environment, especially in ecologically sensitive areas.

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Rahul Uppal, Director at Echor Hotels Pvt. Ltd talked about the initiatives taken by him to reduce the usage of resources and opt for sustainability. He said, “One of our standout properties in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, exemplifies our commitment to sustainability. The cottages are constructed entirely from mud, with no cement or concrete used, and even our toothbrushes are made from bamboo sticks.”

Managing Director of Crystal Crop Protection Limited, Ankur Aggarwal talks about the future plans of the company to minimise GHGs by 20 per cent in 2027 He said, “We are transitioning from coal to biomass products like briquets for our energy needs, recycling water and plastic. Our GreenAg initiative focuses on nutrition and soil management to enhance crop production with integrated pest management and natural nutrition.”

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