World No Tobacco Day: A Call to Action

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World No Tobacco Day: A Call to Action

World No Tobacco Day

The consumption of tobacco is one of the leading causes of death around the world. Alone in the US, more than 480,000 people lose their lives annually due to the consumption of cigarettes. To prevent the consumption of tobacco and to spread awareness of the importance of living a healthy life, several campaigns and events are held worldwide. World No Tobacco Day is one of the global events initiated to raise awareness about halting the consumption of tobacco and its harm. This day falls on May 31 every year, and several campaigns and events are held to raise awareness about the health risks caused by the consumption of tobacco. 

World No Tobacco Day also promotes necessary policies to prevent tobacco usage and to make people aware of the need to quit smoking and lead a healthy life. The day also highlights the importance of stopping the use of tobacco, which helps to improve the health of a person and reduce the risk of serious health issues. The purpose behind introducing World No Tobacco Day is to make people remember the need to end tobacco for a smoke-free, healthier future. It is an undeniable fact that the usage or consumption of tobacco has been increasing significantly among teenagers, and despite raising awareness, most youth are getting involved in it and losing their lives. 

Even the report of the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicates that over 8 million people are losing their lives every year due to the use of tobacco. To take the initiative to raise awareness to stop the usage of tobacco, WHO introduced “World No Tobacco Day” on May 31, 1987. Since 1987, the world has been celebrating “World No Tobacco Day” and raising awareness to make people understand how tobacco is steadily taking their lives. It is an unarguable fact that the consumption of tobacco is a major cause of numerous health issues that sometimes end up killing the individual. The severe range of health issues caused by tobacco are not only menacing but can be fatal. 

What are the serious health issues caused by the use of tobacco?

 Some of the harmful effects of tobacco are cancer, lung disease, pregnancy complications and reduced fertility, diabetes, a weakened immune system, cardiovascular disease, premature ageing, dental problems, and so on. The consumption of tobacco causes lung disease. It brutally harms the airways and the small air sacs (alveoli) present in the lungs. Besides, those women who smoke during pregnancy purposely risk the lives of their unborn children. We all know that smoking during pregnancy harms the health of the baby. The consumption of tobacco leads to stillbirth, low birth weight, and early birth. The use of tobacco affects sperm count in men and reduces fertility in both women and men. 

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Several cases of lung cancer are caused by the use of tobacco. It also increases problems in the heart and leads to heart attacks. Despite knowing the harmful and dangerous effects of smoking, most people have failed to stop consuming tobacco because it makes people addicted to it. Still, there are several ways to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is a bit tough but can be achieved with the right tools and support. According to the WHO, only 23 countries provide comprehensive cessation services with entire or partial cost coverage to assist tobacco users in quitting. There are several methods recommended by health professionals to stop the usage of tobacco, such as nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) like lozenges, patches, and gums. 

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